Was it wrong for Paula Deen to say she feels like "that black," gay football player (Michael Sam)?

  • Yes, I think Paula Deen had the right to say that.

    I think Paula Deen had the right to say that she felt like that black gay man.I do not think she was trying to compare herself to his exact situation, she was more so trying to refer to how both of them were under the public microscope. Both know what it's like.

  • Racists cannot possibly compare their "struggles" to those affected by Racism!

    Would it be ok for Hitler to compare his struggles to conquer parts of Europe with the struggles of the Jewish people who were burned in Nazi Concentration Camp ovens? I don't believe it is at all fair or logical for Paula Deen to try to get sympathy for her "plight" by comparing herself to Michael Sam. I also find it outrageous for her to refer to him as "that black" anything! She needs to focus on cooking and keep out of racial matters!

  • Yea it was pretty foolish.

    I understand what she was trying to convey, but their circumstances are totally different. The anger people have for Paula Deen comes from a bad decision she made so it is not just random anger based on ignorance or bigotry. The football player in question, however, draws criticism and attention for reasons beyond his actual choices.

  • Yes, she brought it on herself

    From what I heard, Paula Deen said she feels like "that black football player," so that's not as bad as saying, "that black," as your question puts it. Nevertheless, her exact wording aside, it was foolish of her to compare her situation with Michael Sam's. People were prejudiced against her, or at least angry with her, for actions and remarks she chose to make. People are prejudiced against Michael Sam because of the skin color and sexual orientation he happened to be born with. That's not the same thing at all. Ms. Deen has it a lot better than Mr. Sam does. She would do herself a favor if she'd just shut up about race for a while.

  • No, why should it be?

    If it's for using the word 'black' then no, I don't believe it was wrong of her. Lets be honest here, when a document asks for your ethnicity it usually says "African-American, black, white, hispanic, etc." so how is it wrong for her to use the word 'black' to describe a man of black complexion, but totally acceptable on documents relating to race?

  • No, I do not.

    I think what Paula Deen has said has been largely blown out of proportion and too much emphasis has been placed on it. People say stupid things sometimes, and Paula Deen has done that. But, she should not be punished the rest of her life for doing so. That is just insane.

  • Why are so uptight?

    No, Paula Deen was not wrong to say that she feels like that black, gay football player, because she was just saying how she felt. A Supreme Court justice can call herself a wise Latina, but Paula Deen can't say that she feels like a black man? Our society needs to relax and allow free speech.

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