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  • The US should have done a better job, but they were right.

    Nope. It was never wrong for the United States to move against Qaddafi, and that includes all the times it happened. The man was a terrorist, directly responsible for the loss of hundreds of lives in the Pan Am 747 crash over Scotland, for one thing. The day his own people rose up against him and slaughtered him was a day to celebrate.

  • It was not wrong for the U.S. to move against Qaddafi.

    Qaddafi was threatening to commit genocide against people in his own country, and it was right for the West to have moved against him. Qaddafi was an admitted terrorist and dictator. The world is a lot safer now that he is dead and his family is out of power in Libya.

  • He inflicted great suffering.

    No, it was not wrong for the U.S. to move against Qaddafi, because the leader was responsible for a great deal of harm and destruction. Qaddafi did not care about the interests of his people. He also hated America. While his presence has left a void, his leadership was even worse. America's decision to move against him was the correct one.

  • It was not wrong for the U.S. to move against Qaddafi

    It was not wrong for the United States to move against Qaddafi. This is because of the fact that the United States fell victim to Qaddafi's scheming and war crimes. Qaddafi was a threat to the United States. Any threat to the United States is threat enough for action against it.

  • maybe it was not

    Maybe it was not wrong to move against him because most people thought he was a bad leader and everyone wanted to help Libya rebuild itself although it could be hard to tell, it might have been better at least if he was tried in court but nonetheless it was imminent.

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