• Yes, because of historical reasons, it was wrong to cut down the world's oldest tree.

    We live in a world where nothing seems to be sacred anymore. In the 1950's something like cutting down the world's oldest tree would be completely unheard of. Of course, we have evolved and that should be a factor to consider. However, many excellent examples’ still exist of that golden ERA, which should be celebrated. In that ERA, people would have actually come together to save the history of the world's oldest tree. It is something that would be honored and treasured. There are still things in this world that can and should remain, no matter how evolved we have become.

  • Yes it was.

    The world's oldest tree had been here a long time and provided a great deal of oxygen to the enviroment, as well as many other things. It will be a huge enviromental disaster now that tree has been cut down. It was a really bad idea to cut it down, and will have far reaching consequences.

  • Yes, they should have left the tree to grow.

    The world's oldest tree is a piece of history that we do not see often. So much of nature has been disturbed and developed for societal needs, so it's important that we preserve what we can of the flora on the planet. Future generations will never get to see the world's oldest tree, and sometimes humans do not think through all consequences of their actions when they manipulate nature. We should learn to work in cohesion with nature, and work harmoniously within it, instead of against it.

  • It is for the owner to decide.

    It is not wrong to cut down the world's oldest tree, if that's what the owner wants to do. If a person owns a tree or a piece of property, they should be able to decide what they want to do with it. There are a lot of trees in the world so this did not create an environmental crisis.

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