Was Jackie Robinson the greatest athlete of the 20th century?

  • He is the best

    Jackie Robinson is the best athlete of all time. He was a four sport athlete at UCLA playing football, basketball, Track and field and of course baseball. Baseball was apparently his 3rd best sport behind football and track. Michael Jordan was obviously a superb athlete but to think Jackie could likely have been professional in 4 sports is unbelievable. Not a lot of people can say that and that's why I believe Jackie Robinson is the greatest athlete of all time. It helps that he was a great man and always fought for what he believed in as racism was huge back then.

  • He is the best

    Jackie was the best because he had a great personality and had an amazing talent for baseball! He is a good role model and someone that kids can look up too for support. He went through man strugles but always came out on top. Jackie broke the barrier for blacks to play baseball and marked the end of segergation for baseball.

  • Jackie Robinson was the greatest athlete in his own way.

    Jackie Robinson was the first African-American person to play in the major league Baseball team. He marked the end of segregation for baseball in the modern era. The Brooklyn Dodgers started in on first base on April 15, 1947 and he played in six World series. He also helped lead the Dodgers to the world championship. Outside of baseball, he helped establish the Freedom national Bank, which was a negro based financial institution.

  • Jackie Robinson is great but not that great.

    Michael Jordan by far is a better overall athlete then Jackie Robinson. Also Bo Jackson can not be forgotton either. Jackie Robinson was a great baseball player but he is no prolific scorer like MJ nor is he a great runner like Bo Jackson. And there are also alot of other great athletes I have not mentioned.

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