Was Jacques Chirac's austerity program during his first term as president of France effective in bettering the French economy?

  • Austerity Necessary for Government Reforms

    Jacques Chirac's austerity program was a necessary evil for French citizens. Otherwise, the French people would have suffered even more in a downtrodden economy. Austerity measures or tax increases were needed to make the government solvent. As with any taxpayer-funded initiative, the French people got what they paid for. If they didn't want cuts in services, the French needed to pay more taxes.

  • A great program

    Yes, this austerity, or strict, program that the president of France put into effect was the first effective and influential program that he began. This program will help the French economy to come back and move on to a richer country. The president's first effective program will be a great one for their economy.

  • It was a step.

    Yes, Jacques Chirac's austerity program during his first term as president was effective in bettering the French economy, because Chirac was wise to begin austerity measures before France reaches a crisis situations. Chirac was brave to be the politician that was willing to take the political hit of contracting government spending.

  • Too many conflicts

    There were too many confounding variables at the time with the economy, and the economy was benefiting greatly from the boom at the time (at least in comparison to the economy today). Austerity may not have been something that clearly worked at the time, but that does not mean its a bad plan.

  • Chirac's Austerity Program Failed

    During his first term as president of France, Jacques Chirac attempted to enact an austerity program in order to improve the weak French economy. His efforts unfortunately failed and did not make much of an impact. The program needed to go farther and involve more drastic measures in order to work.

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