• Yes, I believe he was.

    He really looks like what I pictured in my head. He is very attractive and has very similar attributes to what she described in the book. He also seems like a very competent actor and will make up for the terrible writing that is in the book. Together they make a great pair.

  • Yes, the characters were chosen well.

    Yes, Jamie Dornan was the right lead choice role for 50 Shades of Grey. The book portrays the Christian Grey character as a high roller type business executive, who is extremely attractive with an air of sophistication and mystery. Jamie Dornan appears to be able to display these qualities very well.

  • Yes, because anyone else would have changed the dynamic of the cast.

    Yes, of course! If someone else played the part the dynamic of cast and production would have changed. I know the point of acting is to portray something or someone specifically, but you also look and act like yourself. It's deeper than just looks or popularity, the dynamic and outcome of the movie would have been different.

  • Jamie Dornan does not fit the description of Christian Gray

    In the novel, 50 Shades of Gray, the main character is said to be copper headed, and to have looks that cause women to notice his attractiveness upon entering a room. Jamie Dornan has neither of these qualities. While a handsome man, he is not a good fit for Christian Gray. He does not posess that "x factor" that Christian Gray so obviously has. He is also, not a copper headed actor, nor did they attempt to dye his hair to match the book's description.

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