• Rescue is a Good Deed for Jamie Foxx

    The incident of a burning car would frighten most people from taking any action. Jamie Foxx was brave to offer assistance to help someone else and not turn away to protect himself. The car crash is a scary situation for all of us, Mr. Foxx was willing to help and was not looking for any self promotion.

  • Of course Jamie Foxx was heroic.

    Anyone who pulls someone out of a dangerous situation is a hero. He didn't stand by the sidelines, he got involved. Anyone doing that is going to get some kind of recognition for it, famous or not. A life was saved. A Human helped a Human, why is this an issue?

  • It was a selfless act that could have cost him his life

    We all feel like we would do the right thing if we were put into similar situations as others. However, there's a difference between seeing it behind a screen and seeing it within enough of a distance to react and respond to whatever happened. Especially, if there's a chance that you can die if you do something, those are the moments that test us the most, you don't have to save people from burning buildings to be a hero. It's the little things you can do to help others that makes people heroes, in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life, that's why I feel what Jamie Foxx did was heroic despite him saying otherwise.

  • Yes, Jamie Foxx's action was heroic.

    Saving a person's life is a heroic feat by any definition, and Jamie Foxx pulling a woman out of a burning car is not an exception. It takes an incredible amount of bravery to put yourself in harm's way to save a person, especially a complete stranger. Jamie Foxx had no concern for his own safety as he rescued this woman, which definitely makes him heroic.

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