• Jan Crouch Was A Good Person

    I think for the most part that Jan Crouch was a good person. Although some perceived her as a TV evangelist who was just looking for the spotlight, I believe most people thought she was out to really help people and to have them get in touch with the side of themselves that need guidance. She may not have had everyone believing her but she appeared to take on the role of being a good person.

  • Jan Crouch was a fraud.

    You cannot see into someone's heart and mind, but I do not believe that Jan Crouch is a good person. Trinity Broadcast Network is not run like a ministry; it is a business. Jan was more concerned with getting contributions than with genuinely helping people and teaching them more about God.

  • Just another evangelist.

    Like so many of the other evangelists who have invaded our television screens like a cancerous plague Jan Crouch was just another cog in the greedy machine that used religion for their own monetary gain. All of these people claim to care for people like they are the middle people between God but all they care about is money. I'm sure a lot of that money went to plastic surgery for that fake ass bitch. I'm sure that's the way Jesus would have wanted.

  • No, Jan Crouch was not a good person.

    Jan Crouch was just another hypocritical mega church TV evangelist thief. She used money that was supposed to be church donations to fund her lavish lifestyle. She was a fraud and not a Christian. Any way you look at what a "good person" is, she does not live up to that mantle.

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