• This Is True

    I believe Janet Reno was right when she said to battle the NRA with common sense. I believe this is the truth in any situation, regardless of the opponent. The NRA has been notoriously hard to deal with over the years, but dealing with them in any other way will only hurt the opponent.

  • I think so.

    I think that the NRA is a dangerous organization with an agenda, but I don't believe that the solution is to oppose anything that has to do with guns without at least looking into some data and research. I think that we need to figure out how to keep guns out of the hands of violent and mentally ill people and that the approach has to be sensible.

  • The best way to fight someone with no common sense is with common sense.

    The NRA for years has had outdated beliefs. They want to stand so strongly being the right to bare arms that they forget when that Amendment was written it was back in the time when it took a 60-120 seconds to actually load a gun. The best way to battle their logic is with common sense and facts.

  • Just empty buzz words that sound pretty

    Saying that it's common sense is just attaching buzz words to your battle. It's really just a way to make people feel like they've won a debate without actually having said something substantial. If you label your opinions as common sense, suddenly you feel like you've won the golden goose without having to actually do anything. All she did was throw out pretty meaningless words that made her feel better and seem like she'd won to anybody that was eager to agree with her.

  • Overuse of the term

    People over use the term 'common sense', and in this case, the concept is not true, and NRA has a very valid point in their own arguments. The NRA and Janet Reno's points of view are both valid to some degree, and its hard to argue that common sense should not be the name of the game in general.

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