• Mysterious and exciting

    Jared Leto is an outstanding actor and has shown himself capable of capturing characters on screen. His recent performances have demonstrated that he is one of the premier actors in Hollywood. There are many outstanding young actors who could probably play the Joker, but if this movie is going to be epic then Jared Leto is the right choice.

  • Yes, Jared Leto is well cast in Suicide Squad

    Jared Leto is an excellent actor and Academy Award winner. He has proven his ability to play an unusual, complex character in his Oscar-winning performance as a transgender woman in "Dallas Buyers Club." His looks are also a good fit: his strong features and compelling eyes are perfect for the role of the intense, insane Joker.

  • Great actor in a variety of roles

    Jared Leto is the perfect actor for the role of the Joker, as he has shown a great range of his ability as an actor in movies such as Dallas Buyer's Club (for which he won an Oscar), Panic Room, Lord of War, and Requiem for a Dream. In the latter, he had an outstanding performance, and the sheer eccentricity of the movie will show he can handle the deeper psychological effects of having to portray a character with mental issues.

  • Suicide squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jared Leto is the perfect fit for the joker. He is a good actor, he has what it takes to be a psychopath killer like the joker really is! I read the new Suicide Squad and it dosen't have the joker in it. I really miss him. He will be a great addition to the team and a brilliant character. I feel that this will be Jared Leto's career peak. Like Dicaprio's Shutter Island, Matt Damon's Borne trilogy, you know? I'm going ahead and putting my money on this movie beating the Avengers. I know its early but i'm really confident.

  • A Perfect Choice...

    I think Jared Leto would be a great Joker for the Suicide Squad. He is a really good actor so I believe he will definitely do a great job in this role.The whole cast for Suicide Squad is amazing. The people that they cast fits perfectly with the roles of the characters.

  • I still don't know why people like Jared Leto...

    You know that image everyone has in their head of a Hollywood guy? Some faux humanitarian with the depth of a kiddie pool and no real acting skills who thinks he's uber talented and for some reason people worship them?

    Jared Leto is that concept as a living, breathing person. He has 27-28 credits to his name in terms of acting and most of them involve less then 15 minutes of actual screen time. On top of which he sucks at emoting, he has no real range, and the fact he can lose or gain weight isn't a sign of talent.

    But look at the picture you posted... And remember Will Smith is also on Suicide Squad... This movie isn't trying for depth or any particular vision - it's just a way to cash in on something Avenger-like. So as far as being pointlessly shallow then Jared fits.

    The thing is the Joker should never be shallow - and generally he isn't. He's uncouth, he's a jerk, he's madder then all of Wonderland - but he's also sharp as a razor and he can spin a phrase like Rumpelstiltskin spun hay to gold... Whatever else he's a character that deserves better and so no Jared ain't the one. Oh Well.

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