• Jay Z is just wrong for doing this..

    His only point of going was to suit his narcissistic ego that he can go there ....He never thought of all the atrocities that have occurred to the people of Cuba. Just remember this piece of pure garbage was a crack dealer.

  • As far as I remember he is American

    And while the average American can't travel to Cuba because It's a Comminist country..Jay Z and Beyonce can..TOTALLY LEGAL, how is this fair the the rest of America? Many other people can afford to travel to Cuba but can't. I simply think this law that we aren't allowed to travel there is ridiculous. Because its a Comminist country? Well as far as I remember ours isn't so why are we being restrained from going wherever the hell we want?..Also WHAT American would like to stay in a Communist country with poor standars of living and little civil liberties? Europeans travel to Cuba all the time (to the touristic areas) to enjoy the beaches and climate then why Americans can't? And why are Jay-Z and Beyonce extempt?

  • They wield immense power in influence.

    This, gone unchecked could pose radical changes in opinion of those who follow his lead. If American humans weren't so hooked on entertainment and media maybe it wouldn't mean anything, but unless there's a clear reason as to why this was done.

    It could pose thought as to why do it in the first place, defying US law simply though use of money, shows how easily someone can bypass and ignore law.

  • Yes, it was wrong

    There are three reasons for questioning Jay-Z's recent trip to Cuba: 1) He claims he had "White House clearance" to make the trip because under current US law, it is illegal for US citizens to travel to Cuba except in certain "educational" circumstances determined by the US Department of Treasury. Did the White House give Jay-Z clearance as he claims? And if so why? Is it because of Jay-Z's close ties with Obama? 2) Was it educational? I do not believe it was, which begs the question of why he made the trip in the first place and if it is technically legal or not. 3) By traveling to Cuba and giving them tourism dollars, Jay-Z indirectly supported a communist regime notorious for oppression and human rights violations (hence the restriction on US citizens traveling there in the first place). On the whole, I would say the trip was wrong because I saw no outright educational value of Jay-Z going there. I think he made the trip simply because he is politically connected (hence the accusations that he had White House clearance) and this would make the trip wrong again. Also, by indirectly supporting an oppressive regime, you could argue that the trip is morally wrong.

  • No, it's his life.

    Jay-Z is entitled to go on any trip he wishes, and he is entitled to say any words he wants to say, under his right to freedom of speech. Was it irresponsible in some ways? One could argue that it was. Was it disrespectful to the President? It probably was, though I don't believe that was his intent.

  • No, Jay-Z is his own man and can do what he wants

    The embargo on Cuba is a relic from a long-ago time, serving little purpose in today's world. Although a handful of voters in Florida, a key swing state, hold this issue hostage, the rest of the country suffers. There is no reason Americans shouldn't be able to travel to Cuba, and Jay-Z brought publicity to that fact. More people should follow in his footsteps and not listen to an outdated federal ban.

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BrooklynHaze says2013-04-12T21:02:25.453
What example does that set for Americans?