• Great and caring

    When hurricanes where destroying Florida he was on the ground helping people. That was a shock for me because I didn't even realize it was him when he walked up and asked if my family and I where ok. He asked if we needed any water or food. We had just been hit by hurricane Charlie. I didn't realize it was the governor at the time because he looked like all the other people helping people. He was actually helping and concerned about people. There was no camera crew. It was not all for show like I have seen with other politicians.

  • He had some good policies

    Jeb Bush as a governor was a fairly decent governor. He reduced unemployment in Florida, created 1.3 million jobs, cut taxes, and still managed to grow the economy. He signed an environmental bill that protected certain areas, such as marshland, from development, whihc is unusual for Republican governors. Although his activities surrounding the 2000 election are questionable, he was good for Florida.

  • A Great Governor and Person!

    Yes, he was a really great governor of Florida. Things were good then and he listened to anyone who sent him emails or spoke to him in public. He listened to the people and ruled the government from the people's perspective. He also did not discriminate against refugees or foreigners. I liked that about him. He also valued life when Terry Schiavo's selfish husband wanted her taken off life support when her grieving parents believed she showed signs she was still aware of her surroundings. No matter what other people say here...HE DID NOT HELP HIS BROTHER. I seriously think there were a lot of crooked things going on during that election and it wasn't Jeb, if anything, and I was there...It was the other side trying to steal the election and counting votes where there were none.

  • Its a good state

    There hasn't really been a huge effect or anything big in Florida over the past few decades, and Jeb Bush's time as governor was fairly good. While the mainly liberal southern coastal area residents may not have liked some of his policies, he appealed to the military and to the panhandle.

  • Jeb Bush was an average manager

    I cannot say that Jeb Bush's time as governor was bad for Florida, I can only say that Jeb Bush's time was about the same as any other governor. He was in essence just an average governor. I think that he receive more attention because of his relation of brother to the then President of the United States, George Bush.

  • A great governor

    Yes, I think that he was a pretty good governor for Florida, and the entire Bush family who has held office has done a pretty solid job so far. Jeb did a lot of good for Florida, and would make a great president of the United States if he wanted.

  • Bush and His Team Manipulated Florida Voting in 2000 Presidential Election

    Governor Bush, Harris and Roberts utilized an inaccurate voter list that made a disproportionate number of eligible voters ineligible. Those who were ruled ineligible were primarily Democrats and were Black Americans. At the time, Harris was the co-chairman of the George Bush presidential campaign; and served as Secretary of State under Jeb Bush. In the Bush vs Gore race, the popular ballot clearly showed Gore as the winner, albeit by a small, yet extremely crucial margin; but due to the manipulations by Jeb Bush, Harris, etc. the electoral results were given to George Bush, which then helped give him his final presidential win via the electoral college. Even though the case went before the Supreme Court and there was clear evidence of abuse; the Court could not rule in favor of Gore (Bush v. Gore) since there was no alternative recount method available that would meet Florida's established time limits. In essence, the presidential popular vote was deliberately rigged in favor of George Bush by Jeb Bush and his colleagues.

  • Hanging Chads and his decision to have the election called.

    By having the person responsible(Katherine Harris) for calling an end to the election process then having given her all the support she needed to run and win the 2002 election for the US House of Representatives as a thank you. Purging eligible African -American Voters from voter roles by using an inaccurate list, then not re-instating those rights.

  • Bush Mafia member defrauded military and Americans

    Bush helped bro GW win election so that Cheney/pops could allow terrorism to hit us on the mainland. To give reason to enter fraudulent war with Iraq solely to have vengeance on Saddam Hussein. Thousands of lives lost and trillion dollars spent so big war business could thrive at the cost of military life and limb.

    MIDDLEEAST Hatred of bush/cheney oil thievery was reason terrorism hit America.

    Bush/cheney created militarized state and imperial presidency, subverted voters for bog business, crashed resl estate, cars, insurance, banks, etc by allowing them to exploit workers/citizens/voters.

    Bush/cheney tax cuts for rich have almost decimated the middle class and small/medium business to give rich, 1%, and big business (offshore) unprecedented wealth while denying a living wage.

  • Over doubled the state budget in 8 years

    Refused to lower mileage on property as the values inflated causing the economic disaster that we still are dealing with today. How this family has any supporters is beyond me. This family as been manipulating U S laws to line there pockets for at least 8 decades. Do some history research on jebs grandfather and great-grandfather. Remember 2000-2008 solid job?

  • Hanging Chads Still Haunt Florida

    Jeb Bush's time as governor of Florida was horrible, especially during the hanging chad incident during the 2000 Presidential Election. Bush and his Secretary of State were obviously in George W. Bush's camp to try to help him win the White House. Florida is still reeling from that election, and every time there are election snafus in Florida the entire nation holds its breath.

  • I Doubt It

    I do not view Jeb Bush's time as governor as a good thing for Florida. While it may have served the older, richer population well, it was not a good time for the majority of the population. The Bush family is notorious for catering to the rich of America while letting the poor starve.

  • Jeb a Political GADFLY

    Read the list of his supporters and you will see who OWNS him.
    If he is president we will be owned by his groupies too.
    Say no the BUSH name and yes to the Floridians who do not want him back....
    Enough of the hanging chads, denying our military voting rights to get his bro the presidency.
    Remember his interference in the Terri Schiavo case while he played GOD.

  • SOC & CARL programs

    The SOC and Carl programs we're set up for Florida to buy large tracts of land and areas of coastline for the purpose of conservation. Jeb scumbag Bush took the money from those programs with an executive order and used it for his reelection. That money wasn't supposed to be dumped into Miami.

  • Illegal immigration & absentee ballots for florida voting

    He was put there as his father was an opportunist,paid a lot of $$$ after governor lawton chiles died unexpectedly.He has over run florida with illegal aliens that actually vote as citizens & was encouraged by jeb bush,these same aliens didnot do jury duty,because then they admitted they were not citizens. Terrible corrupt governor,put there by daddy bush for g.W bush, hanging chad.

  • Jeb Bush has too many connections to big money.

    Jeb Bush was at the forefront of the Florida vote manipulation that resulted in his brother being elected. The Bush family is too connected to big money lobbies and political cronyism for Jeb to make a credible case that he can effect any change to the dysfunctional ways of Washington. He would be just another mediocre president in a long line of mediocre presidents. If there is going to be significant change in the way Washington works then it is going to take a president who will appoint the best people, not the biggest supporters and who will stand up to the majority when necessary to protect the best interests of the people.

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