• Yes, he was one of the most ultimate figures of peace.

    "Love thine enemy."
    "Turn the other cheek."
    That is only a sample of many other things he said....Also, he was there to save lost sheep...The lost sheep of Israel to be exact. He also told Peter (or some other disciple to sheathe his sword for "those who use the sword will die by the sword." Not exactly a declaration of peace, but he was telling Peter to use common sense. Jesus also didn't kill anyone.

  • Jesus Never Did Anything Violent

    When the Romans hung him, what did he do? He did nothing. In the bible there never was anything about him being violent. Even when people tried to kill him or throw rocks at him, he did nothing violent. Even though what Ozzyhead said was in the Bible, that's what Jesus said, not did.

  • Jesus needs a complementing rival.

    Jesus reminds me of Prof. Xavier. His head and handle on things are the only useful things, for his body is paralyzed with inaction. Apathy seems to be the thing plaguing Jesus. Jesus' team of not-so-super powered pariahs are lacking direction and authority. Someone needs to be a scapegoat for Jesus' questionable orders, vindicating him by being everything Jesus should have been had he not left earth...

  • Turn the other cheek.

    Violence is something he wasn't into. Jesus also refutes more than a handful of old Biblical laws, such as blood sacrifices. The Bible is also open to any interpretation, both good and bad. "Follow me or face the consequences." Can be interpreted as saying, "My ways are the path to salvation, not following them could be bad for you." Interpret what you will. It's what the book is for.

  • The bible quotes him saying otherwise

    Jesus did not come to bring peace. He says so, too. "Do not think I have come to bring peace, but the sword"- found in Matthews. He came to enforce the laws of the Old Testament. You will find that the only laws that were said to be changed were sacrificial laws, and it even says that the lord does enjoy the sacrifices, but no longer requires them. Jesus did not die for us. We could of simply been forgiven, but instead, God, who is Jesus in human form, wanted someone to die before we can forgive him, so he can create a loophole. That loophole being "follow me or suffer the consequences." Jesus was for the old laws, quoted in Matthews, Jesus said "not a tittle of the law shall pass away before heaven and earth do."

  • Jesus Was a Revolutionary

    "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Matthew 10:34. I am a huge fan of Jesus; however, I think that Jesus was a bit less of a kindly grandpa and I bit more of a Malcom X than we give him credit for. He was a Marxist revolutionary before there were Marxists. He was an avid critic of capitalism (read Luke, for example "woe to the rich" etc. It's not symbolic). His advocacy was not for the mainstream religious society but those who were marginalized or deemed less than human. Jesus told the Semarians that it doesn't matter what temple one worships in, but that we drink from the same water of life. That's bascially the equivalent of telling a Muslim that reading the Qu'ran or Bible doesn't matter in today's terms. He advocated for those seen as hated or punished by God--physically-handicapped, mentally-handicapped, tax collectors, prostitutes, and children (who were seen as not fully human). Were Jesus alive today he would be an advocate of the rights of undocumented immigrants, religious coexistence, and undoubtedly queer persons. There's a reason the Roman's executed him; were he alive today I think we would do so again, or at least put him in jail for a long time as a "domestic terrorist." He wasn't white, and I don't think he'd be a Christian.

    Posted by: kbub
  • No, Jesus was not figure of peace.

    First of all, "loving your enemy" or "turning your other cheek" is not peace, it is something like surrender.
    And his aim was not to bring peace, he himself says it. If Jesus waas smart enough, powerfull enough as much as Muhammad ibn ABdullah I think Jesus would be one of the cruelest dictator, killer ever.

    That is why I think Jesus is overrated, he wanted to be governor, he wanted to fight, to rule but he was not able to do it, he achieved nothing in his life yet he is seen among the greatest historical persons, in my view even Obama, Putin, Gandhi and e.T.C all of them were greater than Jesus.

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miles-pro-libertate says2014-03-02T19:03:25.300
Self-appointed theologians everywhere. The funny part is most are atheists too.

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