• Yes he mowed my lawn

    Jesus is a great man. I mean im not sure which jesus you are talking about but im pretty sure there was more than one real jesus. The one I am referring two is hard working American who drives around the neighborhood taking care of lawns from the morning till dusk. He never complains and always makes sure its done right. He is Real and real cool.

  • Yes Jesus was a real person

    The Bible proves that Jesus was real. Look at the new testament of the Bible. There the genealogical studies of the gospels of Matthew and Luke, but we have extra-biblical sources that are simply too numerous to include in one article. The fact that Jesus lived, was buried and then resurrected has evidence that would be considered admissible evidence in a court of law.

  • Outside of the Bible, Roman Records Show the Evidence

    Jesus was without a doubt a real person. There are actual accounts of his existence outside of the Christian Bible that you can find on the internet. As Donderpants said, the are also several artifacts and DNA that have been confirmed by scientists.

    Here is a link to some of his non-Bible accounts:

  • Son of God? Less certain. But as a person, he existed.

    There's just so much evidence..... DNA proof, several artifacts that have been proven by many historians. Science and history proves that Jesus was a real person. As to his being son of god, I personally follow that belief, but I can't expect everyone to agree. However, it would be foolish to pretend that the human aspects of Jesus were there for sure.

  • Jesus was real but he wasn't immortal although he could've been.

    Jesus Christ, or Jesus of Nazareth as he was called, was crucified under the Roman Emperor, Pontius Pilate, as a form of punishment. Since crucifixion was a Roman punishment for convicted criminals the Jewish leaders of those days handed Jesus over to Pilate and demanded that he be crucified. The reason why Jesus was crucified is because powerful Jewish and Roman leaders knew he had superhuman powers and perceived him as a sorcerer. They thought he was a dangerous trouble-maker because he said he was "The King of the Jews" and this was seen as blasphemy. Jesus was also handed to King Herod, the Roman ruler of Judea, but he thought Jesus was actually harmless and he was just crazy. Since Jesus had magical capabilities he was seen as evil because he could use those powers to do bad things. One thing that does piss me off though is how many people claim to have seen Jesus in their lives either once or several times. The reason why this annoys me is because we don't really know what Jesus looked like. He's often portrayed as having dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and this is the most famous assertion. Jesus, up to this day, is known to have lived his entire life in the Middle East, so therefore he was technically Middle Eastern. The chances of him having dirty blonde hair and blue eyes is not so great. However, I do think he had light skin or skin that couldn't be very dark owing to the fact that many Middle Eastern people historically can be white and look European. Up to today there's a lot of Middle Eastern people who have white skin. It's a common misconception that people from this region are all olive or dark-skinned. Also the idea that they have thick eyebrows, brown eyes and big, crooked noses. This is merely an inaccurate, inconsistent and unreliable assumption rather than a proven fact for most people.

  • This has been proven already.

    By now, there have already been several people that have proved the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. But only his existence. His divinity is still a matter of debate, with some (Christians and Muslims, for example) believing that he was either the messiah or a prophet, and with others believing that he was just some guy. But at this point, you might as well argue about whether Julius Caesar was a real person.

  • I'm a 'christian' but no

    According to scripture jesus had to travel to bethlehem for the 'census' by caesar Augustus, in actuality no such census took place, the people of that region were not required to go back to their home town for registration. Korenius was not governor of Syria in that era as the gospel says. And the romans kept records on nearly everything such as wine crops and taxations in the area but nothing is to be found on the execution record of jesus. But does the man need to have lived for us to have his teachings, hmm I think not.

  • No clear answer

    Anyone can say he was real spiritually...Or whatever. BUT there needs to be scientific evidence of his physical being. DNA proof can belong to someone else back then. He may not be real, this is where agnosticism comes into play. Both sides of the answer clashes...You need valid proof to prove if he is or not real.

  • No he was not.

    Jesus has absolutely no evidence that supports his existence. Many scholars agree he did not exist. Do not however just take my word on it research it. Look for none bias websites though. There is no roman historian that wrote about Jesus. Jesus never wrote anything down. Many of the books in the bible were written 70 years after Jesus died, so we can not take their word for it. Jesus has never left any evidence to support his existence. The guy who said there is DNA proof is just pulling BS out of his head to cover for his religion. Have you ever noticed Jesus is the only white guy in the middle east?

  • Not a real person.

    As the Egyptian Serapis was created to unite the religions of that area, so Jesus was created to unite the Romans under Constantine. The idea of Christianity seems to have been around for at least 100 years, though early versions of Christianity were basically Zoroastrian/Mithraic. Jesus eventually took on more than just Mithras identity: Asculapius the healer, Apollo the shepherd, Adonis' the resurrected, were all part of the new character.

  • No, he was not

    There is a plethora of messiah myths that predate the Jesus myth. It was plagiarized by the church. Christians love to claim "plenty of secular evidence he existed" but, upon scrutiny, the evidence doesn't hold water.
    I do not know what to say in order to fill up the page.

    Posted by: asix

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