• Jesus was a sinner and a liar.

    Not only was he a sinner and a liar, he used his divine powers to help him lie. Instead of making a long winded argument, I will present a small list of Jesus's controversial deeds. If my list is contested, I will defend them.

    1. Jesus constantly defied authority as a child.
    2. Jesus killed a kid when he was also a child.
    3. He committed the sin of necromancy twice.
    4. He blinded and cursed the parents of the child he killed.
    5. He blinded Joseph and Mary's neighbors for complaining about Joseph's carpentry skills.
    6. He had possible homosexual relations in two different events.
    7. He had a wife.
    8. He had at least one child.
    9. He denied God, and being the son of God.
    10. He allowed one of his disciples to look bad when the disciple did nothing wrong.
    11. He had a tattoo.

    There are more, but I will keep it there for now.

  • Nobody is sinless!

    Face it people. We basically sin by BREATHING. This guy didn't tell his disciples, his most TRUSTED followers, where he had been for a large chunk of his life. If you can't know what he did, where he was, or what kind of a person he was, you can't say he's sinless.

  • Jesus lied and sinned

    He did many things that were sins like:
    1.) picking corn on Sabbath
    2.) prevented a woman to be stoned for adultery
    3.) stole a donkey

    ...And more.

    It is impossible for a person to not sin. You can say that Jesus was the son of god all you want but it still makes him human.

    "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." a quote from the bible while Jesus told them not to stone the woman to death. Jesus didn't even throw a rock. He knew has sinned. Besides, there is like 20 years of his life almost entirely unaccounted for, in that time, don't try to say you can't know he DID NOT sin ever. There is more reasons for "yes" than "no".

  • Sinner Yes, Liar NO.

    Jesus was born a man and since all men are born of sin it is probable that he too had the capacity to sin. Now if you have the ability to sin but choose not to, do that make a sinner? I can't say for sure. But yes, he choice to live out his life honestly and righteously.

  • Jesus was a liar.

    Things that Jesus preached about god and stuff does not hold true if you think about them scientifically. However they are white lies that can make our society a better place. By preaching love and care for each other in the name of god is a lie but we can not denial that it helps to build a better character and personality in people. As to whether Jesus was a sinner is a much complicated matter. We have too few records of what he did to determine if he was a sinner and we therefore not judge him on that.

  • Both, by definition

    I say if you find one sin, the rest of the Christian faith is superfluous -
    Read Deut 18:18-19 and Numbers 15:32 and Deut 17:9-13
    Now read Jer 17:21
    We find Jesus sinning in John 5:10, transgressing the words of the prophets and the authorities and transgressing the Sabbath laws.
    Want more??? Just ask...

  • Is PinValentine trying to get some attention with such an offensive question?

    PinValentine is obviously trying to get a reaction from religious people and should be ashamed of herself for such an immature and disrespectful approach, an obvious "dog whistle" for all her atheist buddies to jump on and spew their ignorance.

    Jesus was without a doubt without sin. And everything Jesus said was the truth to set us free.

  • This is the truth

    Did someone just make up this entire religion out of nothing no. There are proven evidence the tomb he died in the rags. I'm not sayin it's the perfect religion but it's the one I believe with my heart. That and there is a cross in Jerusalem (I think) that he died on.

  • No. He is the only untarnished being to ever exist.

    No, Jesus is not a sinner or a liar.

    All of Pin Valentines claims are unsubstantiated, it interests me that an atheist should be seduced by occult propaganda from the Talmud and Qabalah.

    Discomfitings arguments are absurd. Because Jesus effectively stopped a woman being stoned to death, he is a sinner?

    How do you define a sinner? One who has acted against Gods law? Jesus is God. On what basis does he assume the mosaic law to be of God, but not Jesus?

    Jesus is the only being to never sin, yet he took the fall for all of mans sins. When charged by the Pharisees, he did not even try to defend himself. This deserves respect, and it says alot about Pin and his cohorts that they hate Jesus so much. Light and dark cannot mix.

  • He was neither one.

    Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) was nothing less than the Son of the Most High God, Yahweh incarnate, with the sole purpose of atoning for the sin of all who believe in him. By willingly allowing himself to be put to death, he fulfilled the blood covenant between God and Abraham as well as countless prophecies.

    He was the unblemished male Passover lamb, and Lion of the Tribe of Judah. No, he was not a sinner or a liar. If he was he wouldn't have been unblemished.

  • Are you serious?

    You can't possibly be serious. If you were serious, it would raise some grave doubts about your sanity. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but then I read the rest of your replies. They lead to only one conclusion. You are one crazy S O B. Seek professional help. Now!

  • How does one decipher this?

    I can't imagine it's possible to state that Jesus is a sinner if all records of Jesus as The Christ deny this and there are no records of Jesus as "The Man" which confirm it. Whether Jesus did or did not sin or lie is not the question but it is a question evidence against him and there simply is not one; the twisting of words to prove empty points isn't really all that good for anyone to practice, is it?

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