• We live in a society where you need to see it, to believe it

    Personally, I believe Jesus was a real person growing up as Catholic. Although it depends on the person if you believe or not. I think people dont question religion and God because it;s sort a safe haven for them. They have some type of comfort knowing theirs a higher force looking over them. Jesus was the son of God and there's many pieces of proof including the shroud of turin. Thought Jesus facts could be one big game of broken telephone. If you have faith and believe Jesus was a real person in history than that should be up to your own opinion on it.

  • He was Real

    I believe that he was real because I have not read anywhere else that proves that he is not real. Also he is who you believe he is. The end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end.

  • He was Real

    I believe that he was real because I have not read anywhere else that proves that he is not real. Also he is who you believe he is. The end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end end.

  • Yes, God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, Is Real

    I have answered some of the many questions that are asked including:
    1. Who made God? No one. He has always been there. You may now say, but how? And I am now going to say, isn't the belief of God always being there, the same as how space never ends? If the Lock Ness Monster is real? No one knows. Some people have theories and some people just choose to believe. When I look around me, at this world, it could have only been created by someone who is powerful and amazing. And that amazing person is Jesus. More evidence supporting my case is the Bible. Why would someone pass on a valuable book, from stranger to stranger, for thousands of years, and waste half their life's? The answer is simple. They didn't waste half their lives, they served Jesus. Also, many people have recorded having near death experiences; including Colton Burpo, a little boy who travelled to Heaven and recounted incredible experiences, some which are not in the Bible. Some other adults have travelled to Hell in other near death experiences, all recounting seeing demons, hearing screams and having lots of pain. 2. Another question that has been asked is What's the point in living, if God's going to take you when it's time? Well, God has given me an amazing life, and the people that ask the question are basically saying, why did your God ever create you? 3. Some people have asked the question, if God is a loving, caring, father, than why do nice people I know, die in the most horrible way? Well, we all know that we all are going to die one day, and also, most deaths these days are caused by human fault. War, Shootings and terrorism was never God's fault, so why blame him? Honestly, I can't wait until I die, seeing my fathers face, giving him a hug, it's going to be so cool. I believe in God, because I do. I love him. And, I would never be able to write something like this by myself. Before I wrote this comment, I said a prayer to God to ask me for strength to write. And he gave me strength, because me, a 12 year old girl, could never do a thing like this.

  • He is chronicled in many texts

    Jesus Christ is listed on many a Roman census. He is mentioned in the works of many cultures and religions. There's no reason to believe he never existed. It is debatable that he was the son of God, but try to prove you were a real person 2,000 years from now, and see how far your long dead voice is heard?

  • Real Facts

    Whether you believe that Jesus is the Son of God or not, you cannot deny his existence on Earth. There are literally thousands of records, most the of them Roman, of his being on Earth so there shouldn't be any debate on this. Jesus was a real person who lived in Israel.

  • Yes, he was a real human but not like the bible says

    From what I learned in the World History class (which, the teacher tried to make as unbiased as possible). Jesus Christ was a real person who lived way back when. I don't remember the details and all but I do remember that he was a living being but, not like the bible says. He didn't perform miracles or anything, wasn't the son of God, wasn't born the 25 of December.
    If you're asking if he was real in a religious sense, no. But, he was a living person

  • Can't believe this is a question.

    Not only are there hundreds of records of His existence, there are also thousands of accounts of witness reports. He is real. To question His existence is relatable to how some Palestinians argue that Hitler and the Holocaust didn't exist.
    To say Jesus was an accumulation of fables is just a way of coping with the denial of Him. No matter how much someone resists, theres so much evidence out there that no one could possible contradict His life.

  • The Bible Prophesies about One Man: Jesus

    There is plenty of evidence that not only did Jesus exist, but he also performed miracles. The Bible, one of the most historically accurate books and also one of the oldest surviving books, contains many prophesies about Jesus' birth, death, resurrection, and what he would say/claim. There are NOT MANY people such as Glycon, Heracles, and Horus that were similar to Jesus. In fact, Heracles is a made up Greek myth. But there is living proof that Jesus existed. It just takes a little bit of research. After all, it isn't obvious that Abraham Lincoln existed either, because he isn't here today. But that doesn't mean he WASN'T here at some time. We need to look at historical evidence to decide whether or not he existed.

  • Yes, plenty of supporting evidence.

    Yes, Jesus was a real person. There's plenty of historical evidence to support this claim. He was an actual living and breathing person which makes his life even more significant rather than being a transcendental godlike figure he was a human, an extraordinary human, but a real human nonetheless.

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  • Both Socrates and Jesus were not real people, nor should they be considered historical figures, because they weren't. They're both fictional.

    No scholar ever says that Jesus was a real person. Basic historical record says otherwise. Not a trace. Only hearsay. If people actually studied the history of Christianity as a religion, they will see that there isn't enough evidence to say whether Jesus existed or not, and it doesn't do any good for the intellectual and historical sphere to "accept" existence soley based on the fact that so many people ascribe to a religion that claims otherwise. And too many people are guilty of doing just that--going with the consensus because it's easier instead of understanding it for the sake of truth. No matter how many people believe it, it doesn't make it true, and no real scholar would ever say that Jesus was real based on available evidence.

  • No proof other then a 2000 year old book that is full of it.

    There is no proof other then a book that also says the earth is flat, at the center of the solar system and the sun revolves around us. A book that has all of it's content taking place in a very small section of the middle east. A book that's roots are easily traced to dates and characters from other religions it absorbed. From a scientific stand point it is the responsibility of the claimant to prove their claim, not the other way around. To back this up you have nothing more then a calendar and an old fictional book. A fictional book rewritten by old white men in power to control the masses. And if you look up the dates on the calendar some of you (tameka.Wallace) are claiming are designated for Christ, well those dates were originally held by pagan religions but altered to manipulate converts, like December 25th, originally the winter solstice changed to bring in all the worshipers of Odin, Balder and Loki.
    There are no historical records to back Christ as a real person. If there was they would be all over the internet. Paste one here. Come on. Do it. Oh let me guess...You can't find one.

  • I am sure there was A Jesus but not necessarily THE Jesus

    I just want to clear up one thing, the first person to answer YES, implied at the beggining of his/her argument that JESUS created this world. I can't imagine that anyone else believes that Jesus created this world. I think you meant God. Jesus (the son of God), even according to the most religious Christians, believe that Jesus was a flesh and blood man who inhabited this world created by GOD. I don't think I know anyone who thinks that JESUS created the world. That just doesn't make any sense at all.
    I think it is safe to say that there was most definitely a Jesus living at the time, now whether or not he was the son of God or was a supreme being of any kind will most likely be debated forever.
    I am a person who tends to leans towards science all of the time. But what is so ironic is that the more you study the Earth we live on and even more interestingly, the Universe we live in, it is very hard to believe that there is not some kind of supreme being who created it and/or orchestrates it.

  • Plenty of proof of historical figure named Jesus christ?

    The posts that claim Jesus was real offer no proof other than the christian bible. During that period in history, most contemporary writers fail to mention Jesus of Nazareth. In fact, there are more books that mention Santa claus than Jesus, yet there is no debate as to whether he is a real person. People refuse to weigh the facts logically mainly because it contradicts childhood teachings which they cling to against reason.

  • Regurgitated myths and fables.

    All it takes is a simple reading up on history to see that it is very obvious that Jesus either did not exist, or is not who he has been sold as. If you want to know the truth it is very wasy to find. Seems that some rather maintain famy tradition than know the truth.

  • No, prove me wrong

    There is little to no evidence of Jesus being real, if you take the bible as a source then you clearly are a believer in Jesus already and from this blind faith everyone seems to have you will argue his existence all day long. An example of this "proof" people seem to have of using the date as a reference, when realistically a monk set up the "Anno Domini (AD) system, based on the date he believed Jesus was born, funny how this was set up in the 6th century, a bit of a guess it seems, hardly is proof. Also the fact it was a monk, somebody who is completely in belief of Jesus who gave this suggestion of his existence seems kinda odd that one of the biggest pieces of "Proof" was created so long later and by somebody in complete faith so somebody who would of course say Jesus was real. Long story short don't take your evidence from peoples beliefs, take it from facts instead.

  • Jesus has nothing to do with Christianity

    Christianity came from the Egyptian word KHRST. When the Europeans took over Africa, they changed the word to CHRIST. They took the knowledge of what the Egyptians knew about their gods and switched the story up with the Egyptian goddess Isis to the Virgin Mary, the Egyptian god Horus to Jesus, and Osiris as god. The Europeans spread the religion of Christianity throughout the world through conquer.

  • Fable Based Upon Fables

    There are many figures that predate Jesus and share similar stories that surround the figure known as Jesus. It's well known that early Christians adopted aspects of other religions in an attempt at conversion, and that goes even further to explain the similarities in the story of Jesus. It's much easier to convert people when there isn't much to convert from. Some of the similarities include a Dec. 25 birthday, a miraculous birth/virgin birth, death and resurrection after three days, healing the sick, walking on water, and so on. Such figures include Attis, Zoroaster, Glycon, Heracles, Horus. Seriously, read about Horus in particular. Jesus could not be a more obvious Horus clone if he tried.
    So there is a story of a famous man that very closely mirrors other fables that already were circulating at the time, and this story was only written well after the man's alleged life, and then only by people who never could have met him. All other noteworthy men of that era were written about during their lifetimes so there was a precedent for that sort of historical record-keeping yet not a single word was written of this man during the height of his living fame or even for decades afterward.

    Jesus may have been a real man, to deny that would be closed-minded, but there is no sound evidence that he was. In the absence of religious bias, no historian would argue that this man probably existed.

  • No-little evidence to prove otherwise

    There is nothing to suggest that Jesus Christ was a real person. Although many of the stories in the Bible take a lot of faith to believe, I think that Jesus was indeed not real. I think that he wasn't an amazing person who didn't do some wonderful things - whether or not he wasn't divinely created is another argument, however.

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ItsOnlyMe says2013-07-16T16:08:43.447
Well, yes and no. The name, Jesus, is an updated form of the Hebrew name Joshua or Yesua (lets not forget, he was a Jew and would have described himself as a Jew) and may be a compound of Yeho (YHWH - the god of Isreal) and Hosea (to liberate or save).

Christ is more of a descriptive, honorific term meaning redeemer, savior, or messiah. The Jews in those days were faced with the unfortunate occupation of their land by the Romans and were looking (energetically) for a "savior." Whoever the real, living person was, he would not reognize the name "Jesus Christ" but would have been referred to as Jesus of Nazareth in keeping with the norm at the time.