• Most probably yes.

    In ancient times, all preachers were supposed to be married and have kids. This tradition is being respected to this very day, especially among observing Jews. Since Jesus was an observing Jew, he was expected to obey the tradition. This uncomfortable reality applies equally to the 12 apostles. The Sanhedrin did not do anything on condition that Jesus will leave Jerusalem for good and never come back. On the Jewish holiday of Pessach, Jesus decided to return to Jerusalem, this breaking his promise. The Sanhedrin decided to apply the pain of death according to the terms of the Old Testament. Since Israel was occupied by the Romans, the Sanhedrin had to submit to the decision of the Roman representative who preferred to play up to the Jewish priests rather than quarrel with them. Hence he had Jesus and two other criminals nailed to the cross, as it was the Roman standard means of execution and ... End of the story.

  • Very suspicious Story

    How I understand the story of the fictional character Jesus Christ as depicted in the novel "The Holy Bibel" by various authors Jesus must have been either homosexual or asexual. Although him being gay is the more compelling argument, because though he claims to love everybody equally, men, women & children, he chose to wander through his life accompanied by 12 grown-up dudes. Hmmh, 13 unmarried guys all on there lonesomes in the desert in their sexual prime, honestly I'd be more surprised if the authors didn't intend to make him look gay.

  • The Bible Confirms it

    His "Beloved Disciple" was a young male. This boy/young male is also found running away and his covering comes off and he is naked. He is also found in Thomas where jesus strips him naked and spends the night with him.....The bible and religious texts do point to this as they do to paul's hommosexuality. Just read the Bible and also the scriptures/texts of that time

  • I think maybe he was or at least had gender identity issues.

    Even though the bible states that homosexuality is wrong, in such a way its often been proven that very homophobic people are secretly in the closet or at least have some gender identity issues at best. I really do think this being as for some people hate is their only mentality and exact reflection of themselves.

  • Jesus was not gay

    This is not only not true, but is outright disrespectful. Jesus Christ is considered a god, or a messenger of a god, and should not be talked about like that. I would like proof of how Jesus was gay since all the tales and myths don't talk about Jesus' interest in relationships so I don't know how you get this claim. Thank You.

  • Jesus christ is not gay & cannot be proved to be gay

    I wonder why some deluded minds would begin to suggest Jesus christ was gay. First he was conceived of the Holy spirit and born of a virgin, Mary that no medical science can prove. Secondly he had control over his spirit, soul and body unlike many of us who are still growing unto perfection. Lastly if he had been practicing gay stuffs or fornication he would not have been the perfect sacrifice to redeem the world including you( yes I mean you reading this facts now) and I. I suggest you subject yourself to a renewal of your mind if you have been thinking otherwise. God bless you!

  • Jesus was not gay!

    Jesus was married to his faith. He loved everyone, not just one single man or woman. He is God's messenger and was not put on the earth to fall in love with one man. I think it is insulting that people call him gay, because honestly, I doubt he ever lusted after a mortal human, being, so I highly doubt he is gay.

  • I think he is bi

    From what I have heard and been "taught" by Christians, I personally believe that Jesus Christ was not gay. I do believe though, he was Bisexual, everyone says Jesus loves you, and that tells me he is bi. Everyone is bi to some degree so even if he wasn't perfectly bi, he was most certainly not straight.

  • Who cares is Jesus was gay

    My god, when I see comments like this I wonder about what people are thinking about. There are so many issues in our country and in the world, how can people get stuck because they are worrying about gays? I don't care if Jesus was gay or not, it is his teachings that Christianity is supposed to be about. I question that many so-called Christians actually follow the teachings of Christ, but when such petty issues cloud the thinking of people, I just have to think that we have become a very ignorant, foolish society.

  • God's law states homosexual conduct as an abomination.

    God's law states that homosexuality is not what he intended for creation, and it is a direct violation. It is impossible for Jesus Christ, the Son of God who is Lord, to be homosexual because he is perfect and without sin forever and ever. He obeys perfectly the laws of God.

  • Nope. The Church was the bride of Christ.

    Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;
    That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
    That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

  • Not Even Possible

    If Jesus was even slightly gay He could not have been the perfect Christ to atone for us. It is okay if you cannot control being gay, but it is wrong to act upon those feelings. However, Jesus submitted His will to Heavenly Father's, and spent His whole life becoming like Heavenly Father, who is perfect and complete. The Bible says that marriage is between one man and one woman. Christ would never have us study His doctrine if it wasn't true to His teachings. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit are one in purpose, power, and truth. Jesus Christ was true to His Gospel.

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Human_Joke65 says2013-07-04T20:49:52.003
Jesus was and is asexual. To have a sexual bias is just that; compromising objectivity. Whom would be the lucky guy, the Antichrist? Pffft. Either Jesus is Mormon and all women are his lovers eventually, or Jesus died for his own sin on top of becoming sin itself. Why the leftover sin? Jesus being gay is a futile attempt at undermining Jesus' holiness by manipulating his lack of objection into implicit approval. Jesus advocated against lust, so unless gays have a loophole around that....