• Historical evidence proves so

    Jesus himself, was real. The question is whether or not he was the Son of God. That debate is one that has lasted ages but the fact remains, that Jesus himself DID exist. Many accounts of civilians back then mentioned him. Granted, they mentioned God too but people had physical evidence of seeing Jesus.

  • Its survival is a miracle really.

    Tiberius Caesar considered himself like a god. He ruled the Romans during the early days of the church. Christians were executed for their beliefs. And the Pharisees were at war with Christianity claiming it an idolatry to god and blasphemy. Jesus and almost every disciple were tortured and killed in some way. Saul of Tarsus executed many Christians, but was suddenly converted after his confrontstion with Jesus on the road with his soldiers. Why was everybody suddenly converting and willing to die?S

  • Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

    Of course he does. All of the earliest information we have about Jesus makes it out as if he existed, and it places him in contexts with people we know to have existed, like Peter and John. The simplest explanation for these writings is that Jesus really did exist. It explains why Christianity began, why it claimed Jesus was the messiah, why it claimed he was from Nazareth, and why it claimed that he was crucified.

  • Yes he was.

    There is historical evidence that Jesus really existed. This does not mean that he was a savior sent from the Christian god. It does not mean that he had supernatural powers and walked on water. All it means it that their was a person known as Jesus who existed at that time.

  • Skeptical of the existence of Jesus

    There is actually no contemporary historical evidence that proves that Jesus existed. If the claim is that a historical person Jesus existed, then the burden of the proof rests upon the person making the positive claim, and I would like to look at the Evidence that can be presented.

    No accounts of civilians back then mention him. Please provide one. There is no physical evidence for Jesus, and using the Bible to prove that he existed is circular logic, and does not stand.

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