• Howard hunt was responsible

    I encourage you to go check out "dark legacy" it provides all the evidence needed to prove it was an inside job.
    Richard Buyer wrote that many witnesses whose statements pointed to a conspiracy were either ignored or intimidated by the Warren Commission.[40] In JFK: The Last Dissenting Witness, a 1992 biography of Jean Hill, Bill Sloan wrote that Arlen Specter, assistant counsel for the Warren Commission, attempted to humiliate, discredit, and intimidate Jean Hill into changing her story. Jean Hill also told Sloan that she was abused by Secret Service agents, harassed by the FBI, and was the recipient of death threats.[41]

    A later book by Sloan, JFK: Breaking the Silence, quotes several assassination eyewitnesses as saying that Warren Commission interviewers repeatedly cut short or stifled any comments casting doubt on the conclusion that Oswald acted alone. An updated version of Sloan's book, retitled The Kennedy Conspiracy: 12 Startling Revelations About the JFK Assassination, was published as an e-book in 2012. It includes the only comprehensive interview ever conducted with the late Ed Hoffman, a deaf-mute eyewitness. Through a sign-language interpreter, Hoffman tells of seeing gunmen behind the wooden fence in Dealey Plaza as Kennedy's motorcade passed by.[42]

    In his book Crossfire, Jim Marrs gave accounts of several people who said they were intimidated by FBI agents, or intimidated by anonymous individuals, into altering or suppressing what they knew about the assassination, including Richard Carr, Acquilla Clemmons, Sandy Speaker, and A. J. Millican.[43] Marrs also wrote that Texas School Book Depository employee Joe Molina "...Was intimidated by authorities and lost his job soon after the assassination,"[44] and that witness Ed Hoffman was warned by an FBI agent that he "might get killed" if he revealed what he had observed in Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination.[45]

  • JFK's assassination was a conspiracy.

    Not all crimes are solved. However, the security surrounding the President of the United States of America is notorious. The President is upheld to being the "most powerful man in the world", and you would think that if one was assassinated, our federal government would leave no stone unturned as to the catching the culprit. However, none has been officially convicted. Highly unlikely.

  • JFK's assassination was not a conspiracy.

    Because of the Internet, there are conspiracies about everything today. It is clear that JFK's assassination was not a conspiracy because of the total lack of substantive evidence. Nevertheless, conspiracy theories are very common on the Internet because people find them interesting to read. Most people read them for entertainment, but do not truly believe in them.

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