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  • Sex Offenses Can't Undo Charity Work

    Jimmy Savile's accusers regarding sex abuse were made public after his death. If the hundreds of cases are true, then Savile is not a true hero whatsoever. Instead of a hero, he is a monster. There is no excuse for child abuse, especially in such a high-profile figure. If the allegations had been made before his death, surely he would have not been knighted.

  • A person with a reputation of being a sex offender does not deserver to be called a true hero of the world.

    His actions had been documented since the mid 1960s. Despite his outside charisma and charm, he was known to be banned from numerous charities and events involving children. Strangely enough, it was only until he died that his actions were made public to the world. A hero to the world is someone to look up to, not a sexual predator.

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