• Yes, Jodi Arias is a sexual deviant.

    I believe Jodi Arias to be a sexual deviant because she was involved in sexual activity that caused harm to another person. In my opinion, if what you need is obtained by something that causes harm or discomfort of another person, then whatever behavior you are involved in is deviant by definition and should be viewed as such.

  • No, the term is meaningless

    The truth about sexual behavior is that nobody really knows what other people are up to. Many people do things in the privacy of their bedrooms that others would consider deviant. However, there is no universal agreement about what that may be. Because of this, any sexual behavior that is consented to by two adults cannot be sexually deviant.

  • No, she's not

    Jodi Arias may be a lot of things, but I do not believe that she is/was a sexual deviant in any way. Her sexuality has nothing to do with the crime that she has committed. She may have had a very sexual personality, but so did Travis. Neither can be faulted for that.

  • No, she is just a perpetual liar.

    Jodi Arias is just trying to get herself out of a murder charge, so is coming up with any excuse necessary to do that. I don't think her sexual preferences have anything to do with it. She murdered a man, and is lying to try and save her own skin.

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