• Joe Biden is justified in criticizing the rich.

    It is no big secret that the wealthy do not carry their own weight regarding the tax burden. They make the most and pay the least in taxes, while the middle and lower tax bracket pay the most in taxes. This is extremely unfair. The entire tax system needs revamped and everyone needs to be taxed equally.

  • He isn't that wealthy so he has the right to criticize.

    Since Biden is not the wealthiest member of the government, he does have a right to criticize rich people. If Biden were rich himself, then it would be hypocritical but that is not the case. I do think the rich have a greater responsibility to work for our entire society's welfare. The rest of us have mouths to feed and can't devote as much time, energy or resources as they can.

  • He is one.

    If Joe Biden doesn't think that rich people should be allowed to keep their money, he could start by giving all of his money to the poor. Biden is not poor himself. He takes a salary as the Vice President. Biden should set an example first, before he criticizes other people.

  • No, his critisism was not justified.

    Vice President Biden's criticism of the rich was not justified. Biden has a history of making gaffes-- stupid statements that anyone else would be embarrassed to make. Under the Obama Administration, the rich were the only group to see economic gains. Biden's talk aside, not much was done to help lower income Americans.

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