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    Do you know which president got medically disqualified from service? It's John F. Kennedy. J.F.K was in the Navy I think going to the army is brave not to mention that he was leaving his family and not seeing them for a long time. When John F. Kennedy was a little boy he usually got sick often but ,that didn’t stop him from being smart. John F. Kennedy was so smart Harvard sent him a letter that they wanted him.He accepted it and graduated with International Affairs. John F. Kennedy was assassinated while he was in a limo.
    He ended up fighting in world war 2. John F Kennedy is a very is a very important person because if he never had been alive they might've still thought that the moon is cheese. Another important thing about him is if he wasn't president the peace corps wouldn't have been there and maybe the peace between us and the other countries might've been destroyed.If John F. Kennedy was not alive then the nuclear bomb that was implanted in Cuba coming to the U.S might've came and made a war or something big like that happen.That' s just a few facts that I'm saying I could go on for hours and hours but I will cut this short and say the point John F. Kennedy is one of the most important president out of all of the presidents and the world might not been like this today.

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