Was John F. Kennedy the last great president?

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  • No it was George Bush Jr.

    He kept his cool and kept reading Mary had a Little lamb . 9-11 plus he had the reflexbof a cat like the matrix dodging shoes . His last word were mission acomplished. Sibyes he was the greatest Prez ever . A huge monument must be build in the moon looking down on earth or at the very least his fase added to rushmore !

  • JFK had unheralded vision!

    JFK was simply a visionary who saw peace instead of war with the Soviet empire. He had absolute grace and a knowledge of history. He was blamed by Republican reprobates for the Bay of Pigs that was developed under the Eisenhower administration!

    He was a man who had a private life that was no ones business.

  • JFK was the greatest president since FDR

    JFK established the Peace Corps, launched the Apollo program, and promoted civil rights in signing Executive Orders prohibiting discrimination, laying the groundwork for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Furthermore, he led the country at a time when the country was on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, something he astutely avoided during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. In terms of foreign policy, Kennedy ended Eisenhower's policy of massive retaliation in favor of flexible response, mitigating the possibility of nuclear war by miscalculation. His New Frontier paved the way for increased funding for education, medicare, and government projects. He cut taxes, slashing the top marginal tax rate from 90% to 65%. He stood down US Steel when they raised rates. Furthermore, he stood with West Berlin during the Berlin Crisis. Overall, Kennedy was a grandiose, eloquent leader whose domestic policy saw economic growth and social progress and whose foreign policy prevented nuclear war.

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  • He was a man of great smarts he was also a great leader.His death was a tragic loss.We bow our heads to John F. Kennedy.

    You people are terrible he was a president of the US you people try to be a president .I know he was a great man if I ever ran for president I would ask him for advice no one else. That's why I and you guys should all respect him in a better manner.

  • Although heavily flawed, his personal demons were trivial when put in perspective with Bush's, Clinton's or even Reagan's

    A highly effective leader, with the stamina and charisma of LBJ but without the radical over-regulation that ultimately strained small business owners. Reagan was economically effective as well, nearly to the extent of JFK, and provided the incentive for working citizens to innovative and excel... Part of the free market, possibly the most beautiful aspect of US Economics as well as the only aspect of capitalism that has such profound benefits. Both were hellbent on preserving this free-market system. Reagan was a legend in his own right, but did blow his credibility among many with the Iran-Costra debacle, enabling of the corporate elite which led to more detrimental problems for the working man down the road, etc.

  • John F. Kennedy = Greatness

    John F. Kennedy was a man of timeless elegance and grace who marked America’s history through acts of courage, and perception. Kennedy was well versed in the work force, he was a marine, a president, friend, a husband, and a father. John F. Kennedy’s life wasn’t boring, it was great. Great in the sense that he wasn’t just a typical american, he was by far much greater than that.

  • He had balls

    Il put it down simple. President Kennedy found a balance in supporting both the Vietnam war, and supporting civil rights movements throughout the country. Even though he was accused of cheating with Marilyn Monroe, he was a good family man who went to church every Sunday, regardless of the situation. He knew that there was corruption within our political system, and he wanted to be the one to set it straight. Too bad he was assassinated,.... Someone felt like he was doing too much of a good job

  • Kennedy Best President

    JFK was a REAL war hero . .He established the Peace Corp which helped many poor people in other countries. He wasn't a war monger. He helped establish civil rights for Black people in the south. The Peace Corp also helped American youth to think of someone besides themselves. He kept the peace and made the right decision in the Cuban Crisis.

  • I believe he was a great president. His wisdom transdences the ages.

    His tax cut that he advocated and was passed in Sept 25, 1963 led to the unprecdeneted growth in jobs and his civil rights legislation was supposed to make discrimination based on race and gende illegal, that is until the likes of Affirmative action came along much later. Kennedy was one of the last presidents to have a balanced budget. His foreign policy proved to the world and the Soviet Union in October 1962 proved to the world that he was no lightweight wimpy presidnent that was going to be pushed around unlike the current president of today. Kennedy created the Peace Corps, challenged Americans to go to the moon by the end of the decade, which is perhapes Kennedy's greatest legacy. As for the war in vietnam, Kennedy signed executive orders to withdraw the first 1000 troop by 1965. Kennedy's successor, LBJ, recinded those executive orders the day after they buried Kennedy. I am quote positive that if Kennedy had lived, we would not have gotten involved with Vietnam, and he would have been re-elected, the civil rights legislation would been passed and much of the country wouldnt have gone through the whole hippie protest movement that tore the country apart by 1968.

  • Ron! Don't forget Ron!

    Ronald Reagan was obviously the last great president. If you want to argue that, you better read more on your u.S. History. It is also arguable that Clinton was the last great president because of the great economy and low "money problems". Also, JFK didn't have enough time to really do much great things aside from working with Cuba.

  • Ronald Reagan was

    Ronald Reagan is by far the best president in America's history. He lowered taxes which led to a dramatic increase in the economic well being of the United States of America. Reagan deregulated making running a business easier. He wanted the government to be as small as he could get it. The only reason he went into debt was because he had to fight the cold war. If not for that, he would have had a balanced budget. It is a good thing he won too. Spending money on military and defense was necessary. When people complain about the debt he created, they always forget about the time every American life was being threatened by the Soviets.

  • Not good in the first place.

    The only reason people think that JFK is great is because JFK was assassinated. You have to look at all the things that happened during his presidency, and you will see that most of it was not good at all.

    -April 15-20, 1961

    A U.S.-sponsored invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs fails. With inadequate support and facing an overwhelming force, the CIA-trained brigade of anti-Castro exiles is defeated in a few days. Kennedy takes responsibility for the disaster

    -June 3, 1961

    Kennedy meets with Soviet premier Nikita S. Khrushchev in Vienna. The conference fails to resolve conflict over the status of Berlin.

    -January 29, 1962

    The Geneva conference, with the United States, Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom participating, adjourns without reaching an agreement on a nuclear test ban

    -February 3, 1962

    Kennedy halts virtually all trade with Cuba.

    -October 14, 1962

    Cuban Missile Crisis.

    September 15, 1963

    Four young African-American girls are killed in the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama.

    And the list goes on. He was not great by any means and is surely not the "Last Great President".

  • Slightly above average

    The way JFK died distorts the way we view him now. He certainly had a ambitious agenda but most of it was held up in congress. Only after his death was his programs passed in congress due to his successors [ LBJ ] superb legislative skills. Kennedy may have had the good looks and charisma but Johnson with his past experience as senate majority leader knew how to get things passed in congress. If Johnson had decided to withdraw U.S. advisers from Vietnam in 1964 and thus avoiding war he may very well have been remembered today as one of our greatest presidents. JT SD

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  • Ronald Reagan Of course!

    Reagan and Kennedy are very similar. They lowered taxes, deregulated business, used American force, and were oozing with patriotism. They both stated that America would not back down and that excessive taxes hurt economic growth. With that being said, Reagan is the last great one, because in many cases he was Kennedy's twin.

  • The Reagan Revolution

    Ronald Reagan was the greatest president in the recent past. He brought down communism in he Soviet Union, put our economy on a great footing and brought respect back to the US. We certainly miss him and his forward thinking policies of smaller government. While JFK had an arguably successful presidency I think that Reagan eclipses what he accomplished.

  • No, John F. Kennedy was not the last great president.

    There have been several presidents since John F. Kennedy that could be considered great. Although JFK was highly regarded as being great, I also believe that George Bush and George W Bush were equally as great. Some may disagree with me, but it is my personal opinion and I think that other presidents feel the same way.

  • Mediocre at best

    I don't think the body of work is extensive enough to judge conclusively per se but let's take a brief look. Bay of Pigs was a miserable failure, the troops we sent in were crushed. As far as the talks on Berlin and the Geneva conference I don't have the knowledge to judge in detail but we didn't seem to win or lose anything. He escalated the Vietnam Nam conflict which we all know was to become ugly but again I don't know the specifics behind that process. The Cuban Missile crisis we did achieve getting the soviets to dismantle missile sites in Cuba in exchange for not invading Cuba and removing our missiles from Turkey. Avoiding what would have been war with the Soviets is a win and trade with Cuba was pleasurable but unnecessary for us but crucial for them. He didn't accomplish much so not great by any measure, I'd grade him serviceable

  • Nope, we have LBJ, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton

    Sure John F Kennedy was a great president, but we have others like Lyndon Baines Johnson who helped the poor and african american rise up from their ashes and to create a better life, we have Jimmy Carter who worked tirelessly to end violence and to rejuvenate the middle class from the burden of Nixon and Ford, and Bill Clinton who repaired the economy, the middle class, and the nation from the devastation of Ronald Reagan's horrifying policies.

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