• He lost his life for spreading what he believed

    John lennon was in my opinion not only the best beatle but one of the best men on this planet. His assasination had such an impact on the world. He died for peace. I find it sad that he wrote the song imagine, and he was killed because of everything he was trying to stop through that song. I love all of the beatles but i feel and will always feel that john lenneon has had such a big impact on society even todays generation knows who he is.

    Posted by: r.j
  • It doesn't matter

    Paul was a better musician, but john is dead so i don't understand why it should matter about if he's better. But I do think that Paul was more talented with sound production and playing instruments. High or not I think that Paul McCartney was a better Beatle then John.

  • Its on who you think is the best

    The beatles had a range of music throughout their years as a band. You might enjoy certain songs more from one of the members. All the members from the beatles had great songs, but i always did enjoy john lennon in opinion. You might like paul, george, or ringo better, or you might like all of them. Its on the songs you find yourself more accustomed to and enjoy to hear more.

  • Paul McCartney is best

    Personally I think Paul McCartney was the best Beatle. I like the sound of his voice better, and I like the songs he wrote better as well. Plus, he didn't let his personal life get in the way, like John Lennon did. John Lennon was also known to be abusive to his wives and girlfriends.

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