Was John Lennon the most influential musician of all time?

  • Absolutely The Biggest ever!

    Apart from the quality and quantity of songs written and recorded in 8 years. According to all the books I've read John Lennon and The Beatles rejuvenated the music scene In the US that was on the decline in the early sixties. If you look at 1964 the break through year I am always amazed at how many of the hits were John Lennon songs What always gets up my goat is that John never painted himself as a saint and he always said that the Beatles were just a band that made it very very big. Yet people write all sorts of nasty stuff about him as a person but please tell me which musician that came in the 1960's and after that didn't learn a trick or two from Fab Four from Liverpool

  • He's the best!

    I did a research project on him and as a member of the Beatles. He's awesome!
    Fun fact: He used to sleep in a coffin.
    He went up against US President Richard Nixon and the FBI.
    He had a cool life, just go on the Wiki page. Now go listen to Imagine!

  • Influential unequivocally undeniable.

    John grew up to be exactly who he wanted to be. Although he probably didn't ever envision his life without his band mates. His personal life at times became a mess. He was jealous and he had a tendency to sabbatoge relationships. A genius in some aspects but very human. John came off as a tough guy but was a softie down deep. Insecure and very human.

  • The heart of the Beatles

    He made the Beatles relevant when they evolved from the mop top clean cut group. John's innovative sound and lyrics took the Beatles to another level when groups like Cream, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors were making non love songs. Paul is great, but he was the ballad guy, and John was the rough edged genius who them kept them creating a new sound.

  • Lennon was rhe man.

    John lennon could express his pain, his needs, and his faults in his songs. It takes honesty, and guts to do that. And ultimately it inspired others to express their own particular situation. He also done it on a global level, and sadly paid wirh his life. The powers that be knew he had much to say, and was a bridge between the average man, and what was being kept from the average man. He made it, but wanted to take the downtrodden with him. Because he was only too aware of how this felt.

  • His life after the Beatles and how he acted

    How Lennon made songs and how he openly protested War and certain things with the Bed In for Peace and his songs such as Imagine and Give Peace a Chance with the Plastic Ono Band helped make him an influential figure in music and in social issues. His music will live on as anti war anthems for generations for come.

  • I would be best friends with John Lennon

    John lennon is such an impacted on my life, he teaches us how to love one another and have peace. Why wouldn't you love John Lennon. He was so open to the world and even though people didn't like him and they would make up stories and article about him, he didn't let that get in his way, he keep his head up high and keep being himself, and we should really be like that and not let anyone bring you down because life is a gift and we should enjoy it like john and not be sad and depressed all the time.

  • Their is always an opinion

    Even-though there is so many of us who love the Beatles John Lennon made the type of songs that made you get up in the morning and bring people together. His music will go on forever to the people of the world. He was an inspirational speaker and music is a beautiful thing it can give so much emotions all in one. My point is that he knew how to embrace the beautiful thing in music and by sharing his peaceful protest by music changed how people react to a subject. Sure everyone does bad things but to keep on talking about it you should look in the mirror and ask for help. Yes he was not the only one who was in the inspiring category but his music flows in the drifts of time.

  • Because he was ...End !

    He was the best musician of the time no one
    was better he played a lot of music and instruments such as :The lead/backing vocals, rhythm guitar(witch he played the most), piano/keyboard, bass, harmonica. He loved his music and every body loved him and I think know no one makes songs like him ever

  • HIs murder made him a martyr

    The nature of his pre-mature death, gave him an almost eminent status around the world. This was no self righteous suicide or unfortunate accident. He was gunned down in cold blood. He stood for peace, and boy could we do with him now but was essentially flawed (and who isn't?), and wrote some good tunes (depending on your taste).... And, of course, he was a Scouser.

  • No, John Lennon was not the most influential.

    John Lennon had a very large impact on the musical industry and in the lives of his fans. However I do not think that it is fair to group him into the category of the most influential musician. There are many others who were also influential musicians that made a large impact on us too.

  • No one musician can be considered the 'most influential'

    John Lennon was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, but really you can't say that he, or any other musician, was more influential than any others, because musicians (including Lennon himself) get influence from multiple artists and styles, not just one or two. Influence also varies between genres and cultures; for example, heavy metal bands and traditional Eastern folk musicians are unlikely to have many common influences.
    In short, John Lennon was a very influential artist, but different people have different influences.

  • Lennon did influence people, but he had influences himself

    John Lennon and the Beatles helped shape music drastically, but before him, people had to influence him. Among his influences were many Rock N Roll musicians, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, etc. Notably, Buddy Holly was one of the most influential. From glasses, to guitar, to writing his own songs, Buddy Holly is definitely the most influential musician of all time.

  • No, Lennon was influential but not the most influential

    Lennon was a member of the Beatles, and did contribute to many of the songs they produced, either as the writer or composer. However, he did most of his work as part of the Beatles, rather than an individual artiste. It would be more accurate to say that the Beatles are more influential than Lennon. There are a variety of other musicians that did individual careers that should be considered instead.

  • John Lennon had a profound impact upon our society.

    I don't believe any one person can be referred to as the most influential musician of all time. I believe that George Harrison also had an incredible impact upon our culture and brought a massive amount of light upon the Eastern culture and the music of Ravi Shankar. I believe that the Beatles could be referred to as some of the most influential music of the 20th century, though. But I would not point to John as the most influential.

  • No, but he was influential in his time

    There were many other musicians before him that really shaped the way we see music, I do not believe he was the MOST influential musician of all time. However he was still an influential part of music, both as a member of The Beatles and in his solo career. From Give Peace a Chance to the bed-in to the lyrics of Imagine he was big part of the peace movement in the late sixties and early seventies. His death was a huge shock to the world. So while not the most influential musician of all time he was definitely a huge influence on an entire generation.

  • Classical Composers Like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart More Prominent

    John Lennon was a dominant force in the music industry for 20 years from the Beatles to his solo projects. However, classical predecessors from 300 and 400 years ago are probably more influential. Ludwig von Beethoven composed his music even though he was completely deaf from childhood onward. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart inspired centuries of composers after his death. Johann Sebastian Bach has written some of the most recognizable pieces of music in history.

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