Was John McCain's Ahmadinejad 'monkey' tweet racist?

  • Yes They Are

    John McCain's tweets were racist and it is disgusting to see people trying to act like they aren't. The message he was attempting to convey is pretty obvious. McCain and anyone trying to defend the tweet as not being racist should be ashamed of themselves. They were definitely meant to be racist.

  • United States in uproar after Ahmadinejad calls John McCain a 'honkey.'

    The supporting headline may sound silly, but if this situation were to occur in reverse, America would let its distaste for Ahmadinejad be known even more. As a leader, Mr. McCain should know that discretion is of utmost importance at all times. If you think something you have to say could be even possibly construed as offensive, you should hold your tongue. He is supposed to lead by example, and this is an abhorrent way of doing so.

  • How Dare We?

    How dare John McCain compare an innocent monkey, to a disgusting dictator? In Iran they had to issue an edict saying you can't have sex with an animal you've eaten before! Their country is in dismay to have to point out that bestiality is wrong. Not to mention they have the highest female suicide rate because of their sexist sharia policies. This is like saying its racist to call Hitler a monster because everyone is picking on Austrians. No, Ahmadinejad is evil and he is worse the a monkey, I would compare him to a pig or an ass for fixing elections and abusing humans. Not to mention he wants nukes to destroy us infidels...

  • No, it wasn't

    Racist? Against what race? I can't see how anyone could find anything racist about the comment. It often seems like people just want to look for anything to complain about. If you want to criticize what he said, criticize it as a dumb, unfunny joke. Calling it racist makes no sense.

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