• I don't see why not.

    They were both confirmed bachelors who spent a lot of time in each others company, often times in very intimate settings. Seems they may have both had the opportunity to do a little bit of 'experimenting' with one another.

    I'd say it's as good a hypothesis regarding the two people as any other.

  • No this is fales

    This is an insult, such as one a child would make up. There is no evidence whatsoever. When pro-gay atheists make up thing like this, it just reveals how foolish they themselves are. Their sin nature has blinded their reason to the point where they themselves can't see how sinful they are. You need Jesus, and can repent of your sins now.

  • What a ridiculous notion

    No, John the Baptist was not Christ's gay lover, and the notion is simply ridiculous. I guess anything goes when someone needs to slander Jesus Chist and / or the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible, or in history, there is any indication of this being even remotely true. It is totally made up.

  • The Bible never says they were lovers

    The Bible NEVER ays they were lovers, although they were good friends like David and Jonathon were. The Bible is clear that homosexuality is wrong and the Torah prescribes execution for this. Other capital offenses were witchcraft, raping a married woman, murder, and kidnapping. Personally, I support the Bible. If other people wish to disagree with me, that is his/her right. All I ask is for people to respect my right to believe what I want to believe. I especially hate it when pro-gay people call people like me homophobic. Present REAL evidence for your case, not insults.

  • What in the world?!

    No! Both Jesus and John the baptist preached against homosexuality, so neither one of them are homosexual for each other. As a matter of fact, Jesus never wanted of cared for relationships at all. The notion of a homosexual Jesus was probably created by Pope Francis to support his "total tolerance" policy.

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Politics2016 says2016-11-16T19:00:43.733
What the hell kind of a question is this....