• Johnny Manziel needs to be more professional

    Johnny Manziel was completely out of line sticking up his middle finger at the opponent's bench. There is no reason, playing at the professional level and at a Monday Night Football game, to behave in such a manner. It really shows a lack of good judgement and maturity on Manziel's part.

  • Obsene jeastures are out of line for network television.

    The NFL is an entertainment product. The athletes that are paid to compete are there to do their best and to win football games. They are on a national stage that includes children and adults that are offended by obscene gestures, such as sticking up a middle finger. When one attends a R rated film you know what you are going to get, you do not expect the same thing from watching football on TV.

    Additionally the Browns did nothing wrong. The goal of the defense is to disrupt the quarterback's play and the offense as a whole. They did it successfully against Manziel. In response Manziel showed that he was a petulant child.

  • Yes, he was,

    This is precisely why no one wanted to draft him because he acts like a petulant child. This is a televised game where many families are watching and they don't need to see his vulgar gestures. He has a lot of work to do if he wants to remain a figure in the NFL

  • We Need Civility

    I think the American people need role models that can give good examples of civility. I do believe it was out of line for Johnny Manziel to stick up his middle finger because it is clear that he can not represent the values that our communities need. I think his actions are unbecoming.

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