• He was a respected diplomat who deserved better.

    Yes, Joseph C. Wilson was a respected diplomat. He was respected in part due to his high ethical standard, which led to him making the biggest mistake of his professional life: Telling the truth about the so-called weapons of mass destruction. That caused evil Republicans (talk about repeating yourself) spoiling for a war to destroy his reputation and put his family in danger.

  • Wilson Respected by Many

    Without a doubt, Joseph C. Wilson was a respected diplomat in many ways. He led a great career worth being mentioned in the smaller parts of history. He later became a victim after his wife's identity as a CIA agent was outed, though. Still, Wilson's career should not be diminished.

  • He was too honest for Washington.

    Joseph C. Wilson was an excellent diplomat and American patriot, which is likely why he and his wife were targeted by the conservative regime of George W. Bush for punishment. In return for publicly verifying that allegations that Saddam Hussein was attempting to purchase yellowcake uranium were untrue, the government embarked on a disinformation campaign to discredit him. It also outed his wife, Valerie Plame, as a CIA agent, endangering the life of her and her family.

  • Yes he was

    I think it should be safe to say that he was a respected diplomat because he was one for such a long time and was there every time he was needed to represent his country which is an arguably respectable way to be and I think he was a good diplomat.

  • He was a joke.

    No, Joseph C. Wilson was not a respected diplomat, because he only acted for political purposes. Wilson did not act to serve United States interests abroad. Rather he acted to tear President Bush and the Republicans apart domestically. Wilson cannot truly be called a diplomat at all. He was a politician with an agenda.

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