• Cheap, but not lebron replacement

    Josh is a good pick, but he isn't Lebron. However for the price he can soften the blow of potentially losing Lebron. The Heat need someone of Lebron caliber if they want to continue with their success. They did terrible in the finals this year, but in all honestly Lebron should have stayed with the time in an effort to regroup. Josh McRoberts will be able to help the Heat organization.

  • Good on the Bobcats

    Josh McRoberts was very good on the Charlotte Bobcats and should be a valuable addition to the Miami Heat. Josh McRoberts is a great power forward, having averaged 8.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 30.3 minutes per game in his past season with the Bobcats. McRoberts is a solid player for the Heat.

  • McRoberts Was Chosen To Keep LeBron

    Not only was McRoberts picked up by the Heat today, so was Forward Danny Granger. These two moves show Pat Riley's willingness to attempt to put the right pieces in place for keeping LeBron James with the Miami Heat. Additionally, the contracts signed with McRoberts & Granger will allow Riley the necessary flexibility to show James a variety options when they meet.

  • No, Josh McRoberts doesn't provide enough impact.

    Lebron James made it clear that he wanted the Heat to show a commitment to building a better team around him. Josh McRoberts has been with five different NBA teams already, which speaks to his value. Despite promise coming out of Duke, he hasn't produced on the big stage. Even if Lebron stays with the Heat, McRoberts is not an upgrade over last season's role players.

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