• A resilient and intelligent leader

    She held a minority government and had no negotiate with ex-liberal senators to hold governments so there was always going to be compromise when it can to policy and decision making. Under those circumstances she succeeded outstandingly. She was able to pass hundreds of bills though the house, far more than Kevin was able to. Her rise to leadership wasn't as simple as the "backstabbing" some of the media portrayed it to be. She had a vast majority of her party support her. Keven didn't even contest the vote.

  • She was an excellent prime minister.

    Julia Gillard had many significant reforms pushed through the parliament under, what seemed like impossible circumstances.
    She had to deal with not only the opposition leader, but also a man from within her party that was intent on destabilizing her government.
    She had to make deals with independents and greens to get her legislation through the parliament and even through these difficult circumstances she managed to enact:
    -A disability insurance scheme
    -Significant Education reforms
    -A carbon tax
    -Tax cuts
    -Raising the tax free threshold to $18,200
    -Introduced a new dental health scheme
    -and many more significant achievements

  • God awful prime minister

    Only came to power because the party bought her in weeks before the election so people voted without knowing who she was.
    She fully back flipped on the carbon tax.
    She played the victim every time somebody criticised her policies.
    She succumbed to every request, no matter how bizarre or damaging, of the Greens, purely for self benefit.

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