Was Justin Timberlake better when he was with N'Sync?

Asked by: zoinks
  • Yes of Course

    This isn't much of a strong debate, as it's a meaningless opinion, but I will answer because I like the happiness of a non political debate. In my opinion, Justin is stupid now. Not any better than JB, sorry if you're a belieber. But N'Sync was amazing and had a very good sound. He just sounded better with a group than by himself

  • He is better alone

    Bieber sucks butt. He is an arrogant snob. Justin Timberlake has blossomed by expanding from N-Sync. He sounded good with them, but his talents have gotten much better on his own. And Justin timberlake is still producing great music. He will be immortalized on the radio for centuries to come.

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