Was Kate Moss out of line in causing a stir because her flight had run out of sandwiches?

  • Celebrities go too far

    Kate Moss is a millionaire and a celebrity. As such, she's used to being accommodated and not called to task for her actions. When she's on a commercial flight, however, the consequences of her actions spread to every other passenger on the plane.

    A missing sandwich is a minor inconvenience, and she shouldn't have used it to inconvenience everyone else.

  • A sandwich is not a deal breaker!

    Definitely. I feel that people in general need to exercise more patience when they travel by air. Lack of a sandwich is not the end of the world. Their running out of sandwiches was not some form of personal attack. It was simply a mistake that surely had a logical explanation.

  • It's Only Food

    Although, she may have been hungry or just worrisome about the entire flight, I feel as if it was unnecessary. It was not like she had not eaten for days, there are other things a plane offers other then sandwiches. There really is not a way for the air staff to get but so much up on there.

  • Yes, no food should cause a disturbance on a flight.

    Airlines have many people and minimal space. This often translates into not getting your first choice, in terms of food available for purchase on a flight. Anyone and everyone who has travelled before, knows this. Airlines can not be expected to carry the same number of sandwiches as there are passengers because the probability of everyone purchasing one would be quite low, and waste would be high. The disturbance Kate Moss created was quite childish, and absolutely out of line.

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