• Kurt Cobain was the last rockstar

    Nirvana was the last rock and roll band. Kurt was the last iconic rockstar. It was not apparent at the time, But looking back, Mainstream rock and roll did not survive the fall of Nirvana. Kurt’s death not only killed Nirvana but he evidently ended popular mainstream rock. Without Nirvana, Without Kurt. Rock and Roll as we knew it had finally ended

  • With the death of KCobain, RNR as a mainstream died

    He was truly last great rock star because not only that no one after him was near that status, But because rock and roll after him became Nickelback (no offense). With his tragic death, He became immortal and Nirvana ended the rock an roll era as a whole. Cobain sits side by side with the greatest musicians in the history of music. Truly a legend and some sort of myth.

  • When music actually mattered

    NIRVANA was the last band that became massively huge only because they played music like it actually mattered to them. No corprate agents or streamlined "viral" advertising campaigns. No nothing. Simply rocking out because you have to. Because it matters. And that's why NIRVANA mattered. And that's why no-one since them really has.

  • Kurt Cobain was the last great rock star

    He was on of the last to truly innovate rock music through his originality and passion. He was the last of his kind and when he died a part of rock n roll died with him. Not long after he died rap music and pop reclaimed the charts and with the help of advancements in sampling and protools (autotune), The great degradation of music began. In our modern world rock seems unlikely to be as powerful as it once was.

  • The Ultimate Rock Star

    Nothing is more Counter Culture than offing yourself at the height of your fame and fortune. He was already a generational icon the likes of which hadn't been seen in many years and by killing himself at that time, Whether intended that way or not, He became immortal. He was right, Of course, About the corporate overlords and the destruction of music and the degrading of life in general. I often wonder what he'd think about the world now when the conquests of Walmart and Amazon and the like are nearly complete and we're essentially slaves to the mega corporations.

    There have been other rock stars after him but none have achieved his legendary status and all of them have lived long enough to fade away instead of burn out.

  • Lets hope not

    Lets hope not, But unfortunately everything's changed. . . . For the worst.
    You spoke to an entire generation, Captured an entire mood of a generation. Still love hearing that soul drenching howl of yours and that distinct sound. . . . And I can still watch you trashing all the equipment. . . Lol.
    R. I. P Kurt, You are a legend!

  • Jim Kurt Em

    Eminem is also Rockstar.... But we can't consider him one because of his genre........ Otherwise he is rock star too believe me
    Kurt jim em ..... This are poets Rockstars....Their lyric ability is better then anyone.... Em is still makin music... We should take from him untill he also die....

  • Without a Doubt The Last Rock Star

    Most Definitely! I grew up in the early 90s and immediately felt the impact his music had on me and my high school peers. I admit I wasn't a huge fan of the whole Grunge scene at the time since I was heavily involved in the Goth scene, but when an artist is able to cross music boundaries and affect everyone, than you know it is just special and rare!

  • Oh yes yes he is

    I know that Kurt is the last greatest rock star.He had a thing for music he did not do it for the but he did get money of course .He did have problems but does not mean he is bad but yes he was the last greatest rock star .All of his music came straight from the heart no where else.

  • More than Gen X

    Kurt Cobain resonates with each new generation. As one gets older one's musical appreciation often widens. I remember growing up on the music of my youth then exploring earlier legends like Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly etc and finding relevence in their music. So it is with Kurt, generations will grow up without experiencing the times he lived in but will continue to discover him and his music. Like all the greatest artists his music was so perfectly created it cannot be improved upon, it was created perfectly and with total dedication and love.

  • Kurt Cobain is the last Rock Megastar, but not the last real rockstar. Kurt was the 2nd to last. Bradley Nowell of Sublime

    Bradley Nowell of Sublime was the last rock star that has become an icon. He died of a heroine overdose in San Fransisco in 1996, 2 years after Kurt. Ironically, He was just 1 year over the infamous 27 club. He mainstreamed reggae rock with "What I Got" and others, but also changed the Punk Rock scene forever. Everyone still talks about him all the time, especially where Im from (the coast), thus he is the last rock icon who really rocked hard and rocked the hardcore rockstar lifestyle, sadly heroine claimed him as well, and his music will join Kurt Cobains in history. But, you can't deny, Sublime was and still is a very popular band, or at least some of there songs continue to played mainstream. Bradley had extrememly distinct vocals, just as unique as Kurts if not more, Bradley voiced can and will never be matched. If you wanna see Bradley in full blown punk rock, out i suggest you look up "Sublime-All You Need"

  • Many have come since

    I never cared for Kurt Cobain and think there have been many new rock stars since. The many celebrities might not be a "rock star" in the sense of a member in a rock band, but there have been many singers who have reached rock star status in whatever genre they are in.

  • No, Marilyn Manson was the last real rock star of the postmodern era.

    I'm not going to deny that Cobain was a rock star, But there wasn't anything particularly controversial about Cobain, Nor was he known for really breaking the mold, So to speak, In the sense that his acts, Appearance, Ideas, Etc etc weren't particularly outrageous or different. To be the "last" of something, You have to have done something no one else really has since, And I don't think we can say that Cobain was the last to do anything.

    Marilyn Manson on the other hand, In my opinion, Was the last. His music, Imagery, Acts, Ideas, And appearance pushed boundaries that hadn't been pushed before, And by doing so he caused a whole lot of controversy, Which only fueled his popularity. I don't remember anyone protesting at Nirvana concerts, But I do remember encountering protestors when lining up to see Marilyn Manson. Manson's growth as a star was organic, Fueled by his image, His music, And the surrounding controversy, All of which combined propelled him to stardom. I don't believe that we've ever seen a single artist since Manson come about and grow like that, And probably never will due to the way that media is disseminated these days.

  • Cobain was NOT really a rockstar!

    Some people consider Cobain as a last rock star. They have no idea about that guy. Cobain hated the idea of being a rock star and many things he did in order not to appear like one. Cobain was more of a Dylanesque figure for self-loathing generation. The last true rock stars (depending on definition of a rock star) are either Marilyn Manson, Or Jack White.

  • Don't Forget About Marilyn Manson

    It depends on how you want to measure it. No one's touched an entire generation or changed pop culture; if not American history altogether, The way Cobain did. No one's been so universally beloved and respected the way Kurt was.

    But if we're talking sheer fame, Worldwide recognition, Outsized image, And success, Then Marilyn Manson would qualify for the honor as well. I get what you're asking though, So it's hard to decide since Cobain was on a whole other level completely.

    Honestly, The last 3 gigantic rock stars we've seen had detrimental impacts on the medium, And rock's image as a whole-- Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain, And Marilyn Manson. None did a particularly great job of carrying that honor and shouldering that burden as all collapsed eventually.

  • What about Jack White?

    Jack White is. What he has done is amazing and should be consider as one of the most powerful musician of the 21st century. He has the attitude, the popularity and the talent. Long live to rock and its babies. Also, should Dave Grohl be considered? He need some consideration

  • Kurt Cobain Not Last

    I do not believe Kurt Cobain will be the last great rock star. Music is not dying and styles never tend to fully fade away. I'm sure rock music will survive this century and possibly many more to come. I believe this leaves ample opportunity for more musicians to obtain the great title of Rock Star.

  • No not even close

    Nirvana, a great band yes but kurt cobain was not the last great rockstar i'm sorry but to even put great in front of his name is kinda ridiculous they had maybe 4 actual good songs now lets take a classic rewind the beatles have the greatest chart records in the history of music they also have the most number one hits on the charts and have sold millions of albums world-wide when john lennon died music changed if he were alive today music may have been totally different he was one of the greatest figures in ending the Vietnam war so now let me skip ahead lets look at say Muse muse is a great "Rock" band they originated in the UK and started at the age of 13 the last year London chose them to make a theme song for the Olympics "survival" they have quite a few hit songs Uprising. resistance,Survival,Knights of cydonia,starlight,madness,panic station ,and Mk ultra pretty impressive i would say, one other thing remember me talking about the beatles yeah guess what ringo starr and paul are still alive so id they were ranked best band ever! then no kurt cobain is not the last great rockstar there will be more and many greats are still alive ZZ top, Ozzy, Ringo and Paul, Hal and Oats, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Eddy money, and many others. thus i finish my statement

  • No, Kurt Cobain is not the last great rock star.

    Kurt Cobain with out a doubt is one of the great rock stars, but he is not the last one. Not only have there been great rock stars since him, there will be more to come. There are new and amazing artists everywhere just waiting for their big break. Just because we may not have heard them yet doesn't mean they don't exist.

  • No, Kurt Cobain was not the last great rock star because there have been many after him who have exceeded his talents.

    While I loved Kurt, his music, his persona, and his looks, I do not believe he is the last great rock star. I think he, like many before and after him, had talent and the stage presence that made him a rock star. However, it is too big of a statement to say he is the last great one. There are many artists after him who have written awesome songs, have a similar stage presence, and who are even vocally better than Cobain.

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