Was last night's game between the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions fair?

  • Last night's game was fair

    Last night's game between the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions was fair. Although there are problems that arose in the game, the decision makers help ensure that the outcome is correct. This happens whether the fans like the results or whether their favorite team has to take a loss.

  • Yes, it was fair

    Of course it was fair! It was an NFL game and it was not rigged. Of course there is a human element to all sporting events. Mistakes will be made and judgement calls will be made. I don't see how the game between the Lions and the Saints could be considered unfair.

  • The Saints vs Lions game was fair

    In the New Orleans Saints vs the Detroit Lions game last night, the Lions played better and it showed. The unusually high pass completion percentage of the lions, 88%, shows that the team definitely had strong players in the field last night. Although the Lions had their issues and fumbles, they definitely outplayed the Saints last night. The prediction for the game was not far off, and it seems that the Lions had a very good game while the Saints played normally. As with any sport, the team is only as good as they play.

  • The Lions were awarded a time out they did not have; the game was unfair.

    No matter how small of an impact it may or may not have had on the outcome of the game, the "accidental" time-out that the Lions were given was unfair, and thus the game was unfair. The stop of play changed the momentum of the game and took it away from New Orleans. Had this not happened, New Orleans may very well have managed to pull off a win.

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