Was LeBron James out of line by putting his arm around Kate Middleton?

  • He should have used some common courtesy.

    A U.S citizen is not obligated to follow royal protocol as they gained independence from the crown quite some time ago. Thus they do not have to bow or curtsy, though many do as a sign of respect for the royal family. As a citizen of the Commonwealth myself, it did bother me a bit. Though I think King James has learnt his lesson, he was technically not "out of line".

  • Orthodox people love making this an issue, huh?

    I gotta tell something here: I think it's mostly people of orthodox religions (the same anti-tomboy, anti-autistic people) who are making an issue of out this. They don't like people who do these things, and I bet they make race an issue.
    Oh and one more thing, if actress Annabella Sciorra wears Jordans (like it was revealed to be in my dreams), if I ever find out, it'll be a nice message to racists: joke's on you!
    I'm Hispanic.

  • Royal protocol is no longer as serious an issue.

    The idea that LeBron James was not allowed to put his arm around Kate Middleton just because she is royalty is now an antiquated one. Given the fact that the princess was visiting a foreign country anyways, she should not expect to be treated with the same royal respect she may receive in her home country. LeBron does not need to apologize for his moment of friendliness.

  • No, Lebron James was not out of line by putting his arm around Kate Middleton.

    The recent media dust-up over Lebron James putting his arm around Kate Middleton has really grown out of proportion to the incident's gravity. As is so often the case, the British in particular, likely still bitter over the US's success in the wake of the declining British empire, love to chide Americans for their poor manners and lack of understanding of high British culture. But at this point in history, surely we can recognize that even the British monarchy, so odd and quaint an institution given our present moment, are also members of the same modern society that we all live in, and themselves must surely recognize the oddity of the tradition that to touch them is not allowed.

  • LeBron James was not out of line by putting his arm around Kate Middleton.

    The rules and regulations that surround the treatment of Royals are so outdated. Clearly Kate is a young modern woman who probably didn't care that LeBron put his arm around her. All of the complaining about this has come from the people of England. The Queen herself didn't even issue a statement about this and we all know that if she had a problem with it, she would have said so.

  • British traditions don't apply in America

    LeBron James might have had the eyebrows of the British residents raised when he put his arm around Kate Middleton, but the picture in question was taken in America. So much is placed in the traditions of the royal couple that it appears that the world has forgotten that the USA is no longer a colony of the United Kingdom. American residents have no reason to adhere to stupid rules made up hundreds of years ago. LeBron James probably didn't even know the rules so it's doubtful he was intentionally being mean.

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