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  • Autopsies prove he wasn't

    Kennedy was shot twice- once in the throat, and then a second time in the back of the,head, killing him instantly Oswald was too inexperienced to have done it alone- the most likely theory is that the Mafia put him up to it, and another person fired the shot that killed JFK.

  • Common sense tells me absolutely NOT!

    FOR SOME REASON my inner Self says there's much much more to the Kennedy Story than meets the eye and assassination is very much a part of our US History. Quick Solution from higher up in the ranks of Gov so to get what we want real quick. And it just so happens to be funny coincidence that Oswald was shot real quick as well... Hmmmm Coincidence .... I think not...

  • Illuminait did it

    Lee Harvey Oswald was a Patsy, the Illuminati was behind the assassination of President Kenedy, The Illuminati are Zionist Jews who want to create the New World Order and make way for the Dajjal/Antichrist, Jesus (as) will come though inshallah and kill the Dajjal inshallah, and I also believe in Shapeshifting Reptilians, I believe they are the Jinn, The Jinn exist all around us, they are made up of smokeless fire, this could be matter in the etheric state, there could be other worlds that share the same space as ours but are made of different forms of matter, Jinn live in these other dimensions Alhumdulillah, Read the Quran and Bukhari and Muslim, they talk all about this stuff 1400 years ago Alhumdulillah, and become a Muslim today, and have 1. Faith, 2. Do Good deeds, 3. Uphold the truth, and 4. Persevere in faith with patience, if you do those four things you will go to heaven inshallah forever, if you don't do those four thing you will burn in hell forever, Become a Good Muslim today, inshallah

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