• A Despotic Tyrant and Unconstitutional Dictator

    Arrested Maryland legislators to prevent them from voting on secession, provoked the South to fire on Ft. Sumter by sending an armada of ELEVEN ships to invade Charleston Harbor while Seward was telling the South they would evacuate Ft. Sumter, illegally raised an army to invade Virginia, caused North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and Virginia to secede (after they had voted to stay in the Union) after Lincoln called for troops and war, shut down at least 300 Northern newspapers calling for peace and opposing his war polices, endorsed his army waging total war against civilians by burning cities, churches, schools and imprisoned 10,000 Northerners without due process of law. His Emancipation did not free any of the 450,000 slaves in Border or Northern states or in New Orleans, Tennessee or Norfolk, Virginia under the control of Federal armies----dont believe it?--Read it! Lincoln's strategy to wage war to address the peaceful secession of the Southern states killed 850,000 soldiers and 50,000 CIVILIANS caught in the horror.

  • Unfortunately, yes. Lincoln was a tyrant.

    I used to love Lincoln until I really read about the "civil" war and what it was really about. First of all, a "civil war" is by definition, a war fought between people of the same country for control of the central government. This war was not that at all. The south wanted to leave and form their own government, they had no interest in controlling the northern states.

    The south was no different than the 13 colonies wanting their freedom from England. We want to be allowed to make our own decisions and rule ourselves. I believe that they should have been allowed to do it as a basic human right. All this talk about was it "legal" or "constitutional" is really missing the point. People should be allowed to rule themselves. If a state wants to do their own thing, they should be allowed to. If you dont like it move. The north had no right to attack land that was not theirs, period.

    Why does the north think that the south is better that they were forced to by war to remain in the "union"? The two countries would have been fine apart and maybe would have gotten back together at some point in the future.

    Slavery ? Even Jefferson David knew it was coming to an end. He proposed that slaves be freed, but before he would support it they would need to be educated and given some way to survive in their new found freedom. Lincoln used it as a weapon for war. He was as racist as any slave owner as can be easily demonstrated by reading his debate records. He was a proponent of relocating blacks to other parts of the world.

    In closing, if people want to rule themselves, they should be allowed to just that. I don't care what is written on a piece of paper. Otherwise, we are no different than any other tyrant throughout history. And Lincoln, was a tyrant.

  • Yes Lincoln was a tyrant

    As you know there are two sides to every war, the winners side and the losers side, or in this case the northern version and the southern version. The one taught in school is the northern version, which is a bunch of lies. Only six percent of the south had slaves, now what were the other ninety-four percent fighting for. Plus not enough people cared enough about slavery down here in the south to die for it. If you want to know more about this subject suggest you read a book called everything you were taught about the civil war is wrong. It'll set all of y'all who say Lincoln wasn't a tyrant straight.

  • He raged war on innocent Southerners

    In 1861, Lincoln passed out the Morrill Tariff to raise the price of cotton import to the South and England. He upset England and the South. All the money went to the Northerners. The South seceded right when lincoln was elected because of them loosing money.
    The State of Maryland was going to leave the Union, thought Gov. Hicks was Pro Slavery but Anti Secession. After the Baltimore Riot Lincoln sent troops down to Annapolis to jail secessionist and Pro Southern. I can see why Booth was from Maryland LOL
    During Sherman's March, Lincoln sent out men with Sherman to kill any Southerner in Sherman's Path. He didn't care if they were slaveowners or not! He burnt Cities down and farms!
    In MOST southern songs including "Two Arms to Dixie", "Maryland My Maryland", and "God Save the South" Tyranny was all said in the songs

  • I say tyrant, but God will judge all

    Used his supposed Christian beliefs to bring an end to the 'imorral' act of slavery. Slavery is not forbidden in Scriptures. Read the NT book of Philemon. ABUSE of servants is unlawful. It was a guise to push Northern agendas on Southern States. Unnecessary war. 850,000+ soldiers and thousands of civilians dead.

  • He didn't really care about equality.

    Some claim that Lincoln was about equality because he freed the slaves. And how did he do that? By sending underprivileged Americans and immigrants to die in a needless war. Not to mention, he didn't even care about civil rights. By freeing the slaves with no intention of actually assimilating them into our society, they were left to developed their own culture and social structure resulting in the racial problems we face today. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire! Not to mentioned hehe abused his power in many, many ways.

  • Definitely a tyrant

    He imprisoned and deported his political opponents - including entire state legislatures and several newspaper editors. He suspended Habeus Corpus and introduced indefinite detention to America. He started an unnecessary war to "preserve the union" (translation: impose federal authority over states) and killed more Americans than any other president. I would say that qualifies as "tyrannical".

  • Lincoln in is the top 3 of most tyrannical presidents in US history.

    The other 2 being Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Lincoln expanded and grew executive powers substantially while in office. People excuse this by saying that doing so was necessary to win the war and hold the country together. I say there's never an excuse for suspending protection of individual rights which this country was based on and why we rebelled against Great Britain in the first place. We wanted freedom. Lincoln was all too happy to curtail said freedom, in the process sacrificing the lives of a whole 2% of the entire US population for the purpose of maintaining an industrialized nation to maximize profits and impose his policies on the states by force, which was in itself unconstitutional. He suspended one of the cornerstones of our society - habeas corpus - to this end, as well. He know through documentation, much via his own quoted admission, that Lincoln cared nothing about the plight of blacks and the horrors of slavery. He was content with allowing it to continue and only emancipated the slaves as a war tactic, as is obvious by his only initially freeing slaves in the southern states. The slaves of the northern states were not freed until over a year later by the 13th Amendment.

    Bottom line: Lincoln abused his powers by overreaching them to an obscene degree in order to forcefully impose his desires on the people of the United States. He circumvented Congress' authority toward these ends. This is tyranny by definition.

  • Lincoln Abolished We the People

    Yes, Lincoln was indeed a tyrant. Under Lincoln's orders blacks, tribes, and whites were savagely massacred. He is not the humanitarian portrayed in public education, and it takes very little investigation to expose the man for his true form and motive. By his own admission, he did not support the war as a means to end slavery, but to maintain a union. Lincoln defied the very idea that drove the Revolutionary War in order to support his agenda to maintain this union. Lincoln used dictator style force to keep southern states from seceding from the union. Slavery was a propagandized code word for promoting the North's motives toward an industrialized united nation. As for the issue of slavery, like in any other civilized nation, it was an issue that could have been resolved without bloodshed. Lincoln led the most savage, bloody, devastating American war personal and superficial agenda.

  • A tyrant like all the others...

    Lincoln was a tyrant just like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mugabe, and Saddam Hussein. He invaded his own country, confiscated private property, imprisoned civilians, judges, police, and news media who disagreed with him. Razed towns and held people without trial. He trampled on the Constitution and violated the American people's rights to a scale that was never seen before and was rivaled only perhaps by W. Wilson. He swore to uphold the Constitution, he lied. When the CSA sent a peace delegation to him, Lincoln refused to even see them.

  • Absolutely Not Tyrannical

    Lincoln was by no means a tyrant. He wanted freedom and equality for all kinds of people. He was not a greedy powermonger who cared only about himself (a la the Kim Jong family). Did he violate the constitution? Yes, but for a good and noble cause. Abraham Lincoln was by no means tyrannical.

  • No, Lincoln was not a tyrant.

    No, Lincoln was not a tyrant and was doing what he thought was best in order to reunite a country. No one wanted the Civil War to occur, but it had to in order to keep America together from both the North and the South. Lincoln was more of a reuniter and in no way a tyrant.

  • The Radical Republicans were

    The Radical Republicans are the ones that make proud Dixieites hate the North. It was them who wanted to loot the South of their resources. Them along with the Democrats. Both were extremely racist parties that could care less about good people. Blame them for what happened, not Lincoln. Lincoln had a good plan to help the country, it was just stalled.

  • Certainly Not a Tyrant

    Lincoln was in no way a tyrant.

    1) Lincoln was not responsible for the enormous death toll of the Civil War. That responsibility lies solely with the Confederacy.

    Republics and democracies depend upon respect for the will of the majority, with the minority abiding by the outcome of votes and elections. The Confederate states did not do so, seceding without the consent of the rest of the Union. It was the south that spat in the face of majority rule by not even putting Lincoln's name on the ballot in several states. It was the south that did not take Lincoln at his word that he would not abolish slavery, a promise which Lincoln would have kept had not the war necessitated it. Secession was wrongheaded, illegal, and hardly justified given that the main cause of the war from the southern perspective was for the preservation of slavery. Furthermore, South Carolina fired the first shots of the war at Fort Sumter.

    2) Lincoln's expansion of executive power is (mostly) provided for in the Constitution, .

    The Civil War - unlike most American wars - took place here, in America. The United States was the battlefield, and one can only expect certain war measures to take place. Conscription? Constitutional, and the CSA did it, too. Suspension of habeas corpus? Constitutionally provided for in cases of "rebellion or invasion." Military tribunals for American citizens? Questionable, but understandable given the potential for further rebellion.

    3) Lincoln did not declare himself a dictator, despite a time of extreme national crisis.

    Instead, he was the subject of a vigorously debated reelection campaign in 1864 against Democrat George McClellan, an election which Lincoln won with the majority of the Union Army (many of whom trained under McClellan) voting for Lincoln. Furthermore, Lincoln chose a Democrat to be his running mate in that election.

    4) Rather than limiting the freedom of Americans, Lincoln did a tremendous amount to EXPAND freedom.

    The most obvious example is the Emancipation Proclamation and the subsequent 13th Amendment. The importance of this action cannot be understated, and Lincoln was right to point out in the Gettysburg Address that the Civil War was being fought - by that point - for a "new birth of freedom."

    But in addition to emancipation, Lincoln supported the Homestead Act, which offered tremendous economic opportunities to western settlers, the Morrill Land Grant Act, which expanded public education. And Lincoln's reconstruction plan - "with malice toward none, with charity for all," was far more forgiving toward the Confederacy than the plans of the Radical Republicans, who understandably wanted to harshly punish the Confederacy.

    I am sympathetic to the idea that a powerful executive or federal government can abuse the rights of the people, but at the same time, government is (ideally) a representation of the will of the American people.

    In Lincoln's case, he took actions that were justifiable considering the gravity of the crisis he faced, and in many ways expanded the rights of the people.

  • Not a tyrant

    A tyrant is evil and self serving. Lincoln wanted to hold the U.S. Together and if it was through war, so be it. Lets not forget who fired first at Fort Sumter. No matter how you look at it the south was a nation of oppressors. To keep their agrarian society moving meant cheap labor. Slaves get room and board and generally poor treatment. Nobody is perfect but I know Mr. Lincoln did what had to be done. And we should all thank him.

  • He made the hard decisions.

    Lincoln did what he had to, to save a country. If I could suspend all laws, grab ahold of this country right now and untangle the mess we have gotten into I would do it today, he saw through the illuminati's attempt to destroy our country by pitting south against north and did what he had to to stop it. The Jesuits intention was to bring the greatest country to it's knees just as it is today, and he had the courage to risk being hated by many, and make the hard decisions.

  • Not a tyrant.

    No, I do not think that Lincoln was a tyrant. He may not have been perfect (even though what we learn in elementary school may say otherwise), but he was not a tyrant. I think that he was very kind to many people and helped a lot of different people.

  • No, Lincoln was not a tyrant.

    Lincoln was a big factor in how the United States got to where we are today. He knew the way things were in his time were not fair to all people and it wasn't right to keep pretending it was. Knowing voicing his opinion would cause outrage he did it anyways. Lincoln tried very hard to keep people happy and living fairly.

  • Absolutely not a tyrant

    The accusations of Lincoln being a tyrant is mostly made by the confederate apologists and the utter racists. Even though Lincoln violated the constitution in times of war, it is something done by almost all presidents during times of war. Lincoln was a hero. He was absolutely not a tyrant.

  • Heck no he wasn't!!!

    The fact that you think that he was a tyrant says a lot about who you are. The south seceded because they were mad and basically thought that their vote hadn't counted in the election. And at least he tried to save the slaves! And if you think he was a tyrant like Stalin, YOU ARE RETARDED!!! THERE ARE MAJOR DIFFERENCES THERE!!

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