• Yes He Was

    Lincoln suspended habeus corpus for a short while in relation to a specific route. I believe he was right in doing this given the information he had at the time. What Lincoln did then is done on a regular basis now. I don't think the situation should be looked down upon.

  • Yes, Lincoln did what was right.

    Yes, Lincoln was right to suspend the habeus corpus and I trust his leadership all around. He did what he had to do in order to move this country forward and, sometimes, that means taking odd measures to do things. Was he right about everything? No, of course not. But he was certainly right about that.

  • It is a citizen's right

    No there is no situation in which a president or otherwise should suspend any citizen's right to habeas corpus. The suspension of habeas corpus was a reaction to a citizen trying to delay union troops. It was also determine that the president didn't have the right to suspend habeas corpus.

  • Always in the United States

    No, Lincoln was not right to suspend habeus corpus, because there should always be habeus corpus in the United States for U.S. citizens. Those from the north who were imprisoned in the south in Georgia suffered terribly. Lincoln should have set the example by leaving habeus corpus in place. It would not have ultimately made a difference.

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