• No, it wasn't.

    It was a great movie. I'm certain that despite some discrepancies that I might not be aware of, it was indeed a good movie. Your insights into the actual history tend to prove valuable for at least researching a bit more. So, I created this post really with the intent of assessing the movies' accuracy in respect to history. Also, to discuss some benevolent stories and quotes. ^^

  • Historically, it was brilliant

    The reason why Lincoln made such an incredible film was because of the historical side, and not the action side which has made Spielberg so famous. The portrayals of both Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd were so incredible (aided by incredible actors, of course) but also because they followed history so exactly.

  • It was a movie made for critics, not audiences

    Lincoln was made specifically to gain Spielberg more awards. This movie was not enjoyable in the least. The Civil War was much more complicated and interesting than the happenings in Washington, D.C. Although Daniel Day-Lewis gave a good performance, the movie as a whole was not worthwhile. I appreciate a different perspective on the civil war, but I could care less about the Lincoln family

  • It could have been better.

    As someone who has a deep appreciation for history and American cinema, I feel that this film, though not awful, could certainly have been more well-crafted. In my humble opinion, it did not have enough tension, which is the reason that for me personally the ending did not evoke any emotions or sorrow. In fact, I felt rather cheated because I had spent about two hours sitting in the theater and the cinematic climax failed was nonexistent and therefore the entire film failed to satisfy me. Still, it was not entirely bad.

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