• Yes It does Glorify it.

    More and more drug related things are appearing into the pop culture and becoming trendy selling points. For example hipsters are walking around with Pablo on their hoodies like hes some kind of status symbol to be wearing. Sure the life of a drug dealer would make for interesting TV show but is it influencing people in a negative way. Normalizing hard drugs inst that interesting, to me.

  • Pablo was glorified.

    Yes, that is all that was done. Pablo Escobar was glorified. This is a problem in society and one of its major ails. We tend to romanticize and glorify the worst of people, putting them on a ridiculous pedestal and drawing inspiration from them. I find it a bit ridiculous.

  • Not a good movie for morality

    The making of the Pablo Escobar movie definitely glorified criminal behavior. Escobar's history will attest to how he spent his life. And although his story might make for a dramatic movie, it also serves to glorify shady activities that take place in society. We should focus more on moral figures in our movies.

  • Not A Criminal To All

    When considering the financial success of Pablo Escobar I think we should all remember that his business was only viable thanks to drug prohibition, especially within the United States. I do not believe the making of the movie simply glorified a criminal because there are certainly downfalls to his chosen lifestyle and the movie also illustrates these downfalls as well.

  • The Pablo Escobar movie detailed historical happenings.

    I don't believe the movie detailing the life of Pablo Escobar was just a glorification of a criminal or his activity. I believe that Pablo Escobar influenced and caused progression as well as advancement in not only drug smuggling, but the marketing and distribution of cocaine in America as well. I think it is an important piece of American history.

  • No, Making the Pablo Escobar movie was not glorifying a criminal

    While at first it may seem as if the making of a movie focusing on the life of Pablo Escobar is just glorifying the life of a criminal, this is not the case. Though any movie has the possibility of being taken outside of its original context, this should not mean that the art is not made. Rather, the artist has a responsibility to portray all aspects of life as they really are.

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