Was Manning illegally punished in the WikiLeaks scandal?

  • Yes, he deserves due process

    No matter what someone has done, he or she deserves the full protection of the legal system--to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. Just because we think we know what happened doesn't mean that is what happened. Manning has not been given a fair trail, and has been punished before trial. That is morally wrong.

  • No

    Manning got what he deserved. No matter what people may feel the rules are rules. This scandal was also a highly publicized one, which means many things were plotted and twisted along the way. But if you ignore all of that and get back to the fundamentals and what everything was based around, Manning was properly punished.

  • No, Bradley Manning Treatment Was Within The Law

    Bradley Manning is a US soldier in time of war and his fate lies within the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). From what I have read and heard, nothing was done to him that would violate those standards. Emotionally, some may react with sympathy and argue otherwise but emotions cannot rule the day. Emotions just as strong are held by men and women who serve or have served and they, too, must be tamed by the rule of law. If there is sympathy to spare, think of the covert operatives compromised or the informants who cooperated with US forces under promise of anonymity. Manning, if found guilty, will face a gentler hand than those he put in harms way.

  • The Punishment Was Legal and the Right One

    I have no issue with the way the Bradley Manning trial. I agree with the twenty-two charges that were given to him and believe they are justified. Manning was in the wrong and I believe that he knows this. The accusations and charges suit the crimes and there is nothing illegal about it.

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