• She advanced the feminist cause!

    She may not of had a feminest agenda but what she did do was prove that women can lead the country and that women can be strong leders. The way she stood up to Argentina during the Falklands crisis and to the Unions showed that women can be strong decisive leaders.

  • Yes There Are Many Types of Feminists

    There are many types of feminists. The common misconception is that feminism is the belief that women are equal to men. There are feminists who believe women and men have seperate but equal roles. And feminists aren't just women complaining about their place in society or believing they deserve something. Margret Thatcher could have very well had some feminist ideals.

  • She said " they were poison."

    Margaret Thatcher did not define herself as a feminist in the way feminists have done, but she was a very striong leader and advanced the cause for subsequent female political leaders. If self-definition of a person matters, she was not a feminist and she said at one point " that feminists were poison."
    As this term more and more belongs to a past generation, the generation of Betty Friedan and others in this country, it is difficult to categorize Margaret Thatcher as she did everything in her professional life that most women would wasnt to be able to do. She had a good sense of humor when it came to the topic of dealing with the " Old Boys Club" of the Tories of her time.

  • Did she ever self-describe as a feminist?

    Then if not it would be very unfair to label her as such without her being able to respond. If anything the podium cleaning stunt stood out as a confirmation of respect for traditionalist women, whom feminists hate. There are implicit problems with the initial question asked because the definition of feminism is dubious and divisive. Feminists believe feminism is about achieving equality but there has never been concern for the rights of men, 100 years after gaining a majority of democratic vote, women were still unmoved to deal with inequality where the man was baring the brunt of an uncomfortable situation, for example front line combat positions. Or conscription, how many feminists are there in america campaigning to have women be forced to sign up for the selective service draft register. None. Therefore the rights that feminists are concerned with are the ''goodies'' the good rights. The ones that make sure they have lots of advantages but no difficulty. For instance there are two industries that see a large disproportion when it comes to representation of gender. The big business boardroom, and the coal mine. In both areas women are outnumbered around 8:1. Only in one area do feminists feel its worth having the government take the drastic step for forcing gender workplace quotas to force more women into those jobs. Thats the boardroom job. The comfortable high paid job. There is no move to have quotas on building sites. This is the nature of feminism - femalecentrism. Therefore we will say no.

  • Margaret Thatcher may have been inspiring, but NOT a feminist.

    Margaret Thatcher, the UK's first (and only) female Prime Minister, may have been an inspiration to women seeking to break the glass ceiling, but she was a far cry from being a feminist. In her entire tenure as Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, she had exactly one female cabinet member in a lower, less significant office (Baroness Young, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,) and that was only for less than two years, from September 1981 to June 1983. Perhaps she did not want to appear to be giving preferential treatment to women, but there certainly had to be a number of qualified women in the Conservative Party that she could have chosen for her 21- or 22-member cabinet.

  • No, Margaret Thatcher was not a feminist

    No, I do not believe that Thatcher was a true feminist, and instead believed in creating equality for everyone in Great Britain. I think that she did what was best for the country at that time, and in no way tried to move forward a feminism agenda, even though she was a female leader.

  • I don't believe she was.

    No, I don't believe Margaret Thatcher was a feminist. She got up and did her job as the prime minister and did not give any regard to her gender. She was a great and tough leader who just happened to be a woman. I certainly did not see her ruling as a feminist.

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