Was Margaret Thatcher a good Prime Minister?

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  • The best prime minister of all time

    Margaret Thatcher was the best Prime Minister of all times because, she clearly upturned the economy and made britain a true world power in a struggling world. Her friendship with Ronald Reagan and the United States vastly improved international relations between not just the UK and USA, but the world. Together they single handedly ended the Cold War.
    Her political theories work in a Briaitn that was on its last legs. After the country had suffered two indesicve and, quite frankly, useless Prime Minister!

  • Thatcher was right!

    Margaret Thatcher was the right leader, the right Prime Minister and the right person for Great Britain in the 1980s. She was determined, courageous and clear on where she wanted the UK to be and what was required. She stood up to challenges far better than some men would have and her legacy endures to today.

  • "Milk Snatcher?" Hardly.

    In essence, although some aspects of Prime Minister Thatcher's/Thatcherism in general government weren't the best, particularly in her more socially conservative or traditionalist ways, on the whole Lady T's government was strong in its overall attitude. It served as a strong opposition to the expansion of the welfare state, and ultimately helped reduce government in a beneficial way, even though there always will be those who wish to remember her as Milk Snatcher Thatcher.

  • 1981 hunger strikes

    She is the only prime minister to ever allow a member of parliament die, when she had a chance to stop it. Northern Ireland 's environment during the troubles should've made her realize that the IRA's spirit could not be broken and that she should let Ireland be united at last

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