• Maria Von Trapp was a good singer.

    Anyone who can get up on stage or create an album and is willing to perform in front of others for a living must be a good singer. It takes both courage and talent to be able to accomplish that in front of an audience and both of these are things that Maria Von Trapp possessed.

  • Yes, Maria Von Trapp was a good singer.

    Yes, I believe that Maria Von Trapp was as good singer as people thought that she was. Of course this is a matter of opinion. But a lot of people thought that she was actually a good singer. How good depends on who you compare her to. While I thought she was good, there of course are better singers.

  • Yes, she was a talent.

    This woman is a beauty and an absolute talent in today's musical world. She deserves to be praised because she is talented and deserves to be written about positively because she is beautiful. She is definitely as good a singer because she is popular for a very good reason today.

  • No, Maria von Trapp was not as good a singer as people thought

    She was not as good of a singer as people thought because her range was often limited to the type of music she sang. A good singer is one that can sing different genres and styles of music. Her range was limited to a soprano sound and her voice was lacking in depth and feeling.

  • It's All Subjective

    Maria von Trapp was the stepmother and matriarch of the Trapp Family Singers and she inspired The Sound of Music. I have never heard her sing, so I can't justly state rather she had talent or not. I believe music and a singers talent can be subjective to a point as well.

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