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  • Murder he was murdered by police

    I no mark duggen was murdered yeah he was a bit of a naughty boy but police informants are not to be trusted . The police got the whole thing wrong about him . Ian a white women from Essex and I can see what's happened here . A man was murdered simple as

  • Condemned by anonymity

    There is more security in flinging lies than fighting hand to hand so let ulysses tell his stories of events that went unwitnessed to which none but night it seems, was privy to. 1 he was unarmed 2 the gun presented by the police was never established to have ever been in his possession 3 no one claimed to have witnessed mark throwing the gun to its place of discovery 4 all the witnesses who gave contradictory evidence to the police were ignored by the jury. 5 no forensic evidence was given to establish that the bullet that hit the policemans radio was the result of a ricochet.6 the taxi mark was in prior to his execution was removed from the scene before it was properly inspected something the ippc claimed initially to be unaware of but later claiming they gave the authorisation for.7 the police initially claimed mark fired the first shot.8 anonymous jury.9 police allowed to give witness statements anonymously without being crossexamined.10 the media were quick to denigrate marks reputation posthumously with unsubstantiated claims of gangsterism thus prejudicing any future potential jury.11 the chronology of events leading up to the jurors verdict belies an orchestrated attempt by the major players to bring about this perverse and satanic verdict

  • More Than Likely Not

    Mark Duggan's case, one that has become all too common in today's world, is unfortunate. It is also a case that we will probably never have conclusive evidence in, that will support the legality of his shooting or it's treachery. Firearms are illegal in England, therefore it is clear Mark Duggan should not have posed one, but beyond that, he more than likely did not deserve death.

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