• Martin Luther had a GOOD dream

    Martin Luther King, in my opinion, was in fact a good and decent man. He was completely against slavery and discrimination. Naturally, I understand times were much different during his day, but when I think about it, he had very good points, and a very positive way of going about them.

  • He Was A Good Man, With Contingencies

    Martin Luther King JR is a good man in his heart, but like many people know it is hard for a good man to be a leader. He did what he could at the time and what he thought was right. He also practiced peaceful protests, without violence for his side. I really appreciate this.

  • He was doing the right thing that no one else would do during the 1400's and the time the catholic church was corrupt

    He was a God fearing man who made his 95 thesis which explains why the church is corrupt. Even though people may believe him to be racist towards the Jewish, he showed content for them and all types of people. He wanted all people to go down the right path.

  • He wasn't racist like some people

    He stood up to the people who thought it was ok to be racist he was in the right people that had slaves to work for them just for them being a different color is wrong I shouldn't have to change m,y colour so he was a guy who was fighting for something right

  • He was a good person

    In my opinion I think martin luther was a good person because he wrote the 95 these which to me clearly states that he was a against the catholic church doing many sins and committing fraud and conning loads of people an tricking them as well....!!!! Thxxx from franky b

  • Matrtin Luther was a great man

    Martin Luther stood up to corruption in the church and introduced the reality that sins could not be cleansed by monetary donations to the priest or church. This was a brave thing for him to do. He may not have been accepting all around of others, namely the Jews, however this is due to his strong convictions about Christ. Martin Luther stood up to church hierarchy and stood for the people, the Christians, who were being taken advantage of by their church, and led to the protestant reformation. Martin Luther was a great man.

  • I don't know -- something in my mind associates his ideas with the Ku Klux Klan.

    To be fair, I don't want to say anything about a person I don't know personally, but I don't know. Something in my mind associates his ideas with the Ku Klux Klan. I mean maybe it's not true, but he could have a been a racist himself. All I know is many of these Lutheran countries engaged in violent imperialism (England under the Georgian kings [first two], Denmark, Sweden).

  • Although there were some good things about him, the bad outweigh the good.

    There are two good things that I will acknowledge Luther did. 1# He translated the bible 2# He raised awareness of church corruption. Now I'll tell you what he did wrong that warrants me saying that he wasn't a good man. Him and his idea's inspired the The German Peasant war. This war killed up to 100,000 people because instead of keeping his stance of peace he sided with the nobility and persuaded them to crush the peasants mercilessly (In "Against the murderous, thieving hordes of peasants"). The next reason why he is bad is because of his outright hatred for the Jewish people. In his article "The Jews and their lies" he calls for Jewish property and valuables to be seized with everything else burned, he calls for them to be unable to practice their religion, to take away their freedom to travel, to force them to labor/work, and to be "lodged under a roof or in a barn, like the gypsies." Sound familiar? Hitler followed these words exactly and much worse. There are more points that could be made to connections to the holocaust but I will leave you to think about it among yourself. Was he really a good man?

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