• Duh it was invented!💁

    You can't just find numbers and operations, and if you did then they were invented. And binarydreams, socks were invented. Anyway, someone didn't just dig up the number 3 and understand it, BEACAUSE SOMEONE INVENTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you still think math was discovered then look it up cause obviously you didn't.

  • Math was discovered

    Math is complex, there's no doubt about that. Math also comes with sets of rules not created by people that set boundaries to what can be stated. For example, a person could not simply state that 2+2=5; there are rules about addition and adding that make 2+2=4. Other aspects of math, such as fractals, like coastlines that have an infinite perimeter, existed before humans ever came into the equation, pun intended.

  • Mathematics was Discovered

    Mathematics is like the concept of communication, we invent new languages but we all know that down to the simplest of forms, it's a basic law that life has used for millions of years. When it comes to math, any intelligent form of life can learn how to calculate one particular thing with whatever symbols and definitions it wants but the concept of the calculation is the same unless the physical laws of nature are to be different.

  • Math was Discovered

    Math is the language of the Universe. In the sense of human languages, they may all sound different and abide by a different set of grammatical rules, but they all do the same thing: describe the world around us and our experience in it. As a math and physics major, I can say that I've seen things described in terms of math that cannot be "invented". The laws of physics would be the same no matter who wrote them down. The math would be consistent. Our understanding of the laws of physics cannot even be described as "invented" because the intuitive senses needed are inherent in our comprehension. The characters associated with math might not be universal, but the meaning is. Something so fundamental cannot be invented. It must be discovered. If math was invented, I could write down a random assortment of characters and say that I made a new theorem. Math must logically be proven with assumptions, theorems, and conclusions. Therefore, we need to define the case where the theorem is to be used and the consequences of it. Math is not invented or it could say anything. But that is not logical.

  • Are monkeys invented?

    If we all died and ten million years later a bunch of aliens discovered math entirely on their own, it would follow exactly the same rules our math does today. Four plus four would still equal eight. The terms they use to express themselves might be different, but the concepts would remain the same, as long as you can different between mathematical conventions, and mathematical laws.

    Take English and French for example. Now ask yourself, did human beings discover or invent monkeys? Obviously the former. Most species of monkeys are older than us. But the way we describe and classify monkeys ('les singes' in French) depends on what we're taught.

  • Math was discovered.

    Math was discovered. The language we use to express math and to formulate relationships was invented. Humans don't invent math. Math works because our universe supports it and operates like a giant computer. However, the symbolism used in math, the written formulations - those are definitely inventions. I just want to clear that up for the person posing this question.

  • Math was Discovered

    I agree on the same par with NinjaHobbit14. I think that it has a certain rules in which they wern't invented. I think that it was more of figuring out stuff with numbers was the part that would have been invented/ discovered. However, math has always been there. If you had one bananna for each person, even without counting, but pairing, it is still math. So in conclusion, I say that math was discovered, because it was always their we just didn't call it mat then until it was clearly defined.

  • Math was discovered

    First, I believe that mathematics is considered as a language of the universe. If we will connect it to the concept of communication, It’s like we’re inventing new languages, But we already know it down to the simplest of forms of languages. It may be abide by various grammatical but our human language and mathematics just do same thing, Describe the world around us and our experience on it. Second, The languages, Symbolism used in math, And the written formulations we use to express math and to formulate relationships are the ones that are invented.

  • Maths was discovered and invented, But mostly discovered

    Although the basics of math were invented, Soon, The numbers spiraled out of control because there are certain boundaries you can't get across. So, Technically, The basics were invented and the complexity was discovered. If you change what was invented, The discoveries change with it. The link between the two is unbreakable.

  • It is discovered.

    So, math is discovered due to math ALWAYS being there. We had just discovered math and we created the CONCEPTS. We created the concepts like x=(2+y)-2. Pythagoras DISCOVERED math and he CREATED the concepts of math and rules. (Im doing this for an argument please agree with me I need evidence boi)

  • Math was Invented, just like socks were invented

    If we say math wasnt invented then we would have to contend that socks werent invented. The real question is what is invented? Isnt everything that humans "invent" based on the supply from the universe around us? Nothing we invent is truly novel. In the same way, we invented math using abstract ideas evident in the universe. Math always existed. But just like all our inventions, we made it a way that we humans could actually use and understand it.

  • Mmm i dont know

    Math has always been here, i don't think it was discovered. But math methods were invented like how issac newton created calculus and euclid created geometry. Even if we didn't know how to add, if there were 3 trees and another 4 grew next to them, it would equal a total of 7 trees, regardless of the age(archaic, scientific, etc) we were in.

  • Math is a system that explains the natural

    We discover principles of the universe, Math I'd the system we have invented to express those principles and relationships that we have discovered. Saying we discovered math is like saying we discovered words. We didn't, We invented them to express pre existing concepts. For language those concepts were emotions and desires, For math those concepts are the laws of physics around us.

  • Hell yeah it was invented

    You have your simple equations that are inevitable (adding and subtraction). Anything more complex was invented to find the x in any equation. People didnt have the same issues as we do today, such as calculating a sphere. Someone had to create equations, no one discovered how to calculate the slope and y intercept in the pyramids.

  • Math Does not have natural patterns that is discovered

    The symbolism and mathematical natural patterns are patterns we see and have a consensus as humans that it's correct. But is there really a mathematical pattern? Because we say it's right and accurate and correct does mean in the universe that it actually is because in the world nothing is natural and is just because it is. The idea that mathematics was discovered is so false because humans created symbols relating items to mathematical properties, for example, 1+1=2 but if we apply real experiences in life, for example, say you are looking up at clouds another cloud nd you see 1 cloud and then another cloud adds to the first cloud. Still, there is only one cloud, not two separate clouds 1 cloud + 1 cloud = 1 cloud. So simply there is not mathematical natural pattern we discovered its just simply invented

  • How could it be possible

    Math could only be invented because how could it just come out of no where, we had to to create it so we could understand and make a way to do stuff in a different way you know. I just understand why you think that it could not be invented.

  • The first man to ever walk this Earth didn't j go outside and find a textbook on how Math works and every form of math.

    Some of the greatest mathematicians of all time have invented methods of math and ways to solve them. They did not have anything to help them come up with these forms of Math. They just invented it and now tons of people use it. We can't one day wak outside and find every last number to Pi. We have to solve it ourselves to get the answer.

  • Si son Inventadas

    Si las matematicas no fueran inventadas nosotros supieramos todo pero como son inventadas pos por eso nos cuesta aprender y entender... Bueno eso creo yo... Porque para aprenderlas existen mushas formulas las cuales son dificiles de hacer y dificiles de entender pero los que las imbentaron no pensaron en lo dificl k lo seria es mas ya no c ni lo ando escribiendo ahi nos vemos....!!!!!

  • Isaac Newton developed calculus.

    Mathematics was invented. How could someone discover it? Yes, it's very positive that Geometry came from the observation of real shaped objects, but it was the record of these objects and the translation of their characteristics to symbols, by humans, that set Mathematics for the first time. It's a constructed "language" that is based on logical thinking, investigation and factual laws, constructed by mathematicians,

    When Isaac Newton discovered gravity by observing the fall of an apple and then questioning the state of the moon, he constructed calculus to prove his great theory. If not all by scratch, he did invented new mathematical "expressions" and perfectly proved mathematically his observation.
    What I mean is that;
    Did calculus already existed and how can generally mathematics be such a flawless constructed "system"? I do believe that it's thanks to great mathematicians that mathematics is seen as such a valid construct. I don't want to repeat anything I wrote above but all that didn't only come to the surface by the discovery of new physics or by accident. As implied before, Mathematics was constructed in order those scientific discoveries can be proved, "translated" and "exploited as mathematical problems". (That also means that math may have been developed after the discovery of new phenomena.)
    Other times Mathematics takes separate ways from physics and practical studies.

    To conclude mathematics was developed by very smart people, who excelled at the construction and the continuation of mathematical logic, and developed maths. Maths didn't just exist and by saying that "It just happens!" doesn't explain anything. ( Also, physics would still exist if maths wasn't invented but it would be uncertain, as there would be many not proved theories. There would be many different rules, and a common code would be missing. Everyone would think of their own theory and code as concrete.) Maths was created so that we can interpret daily problems and unimaginatively HARD or unpractical to reality problems. (functions which are taught to 13-14 year-old kids.) I guess Mathematics was at first set by a set of rules and then developed according to them, and this first definition of these first rules is what baffles many. 2+2=4 exists not because it just does, because we said so and we're glad it applies to daily life. It's more understandable that way. On the other hand, Euclidean geometry and non Euclidean geometry are both based as well on different (but kind of related) laws. Both are concrete theories, both constructed both right and logically developed. Just because they are applied on nature and daily life that doesn't mean they derived from nowhere. (Excuse any of my historical mistakes/wrong facts, but at least I made my point clear I guess.)

  • Math is discovered

    OKay! First of all, math occurs in nature and throughout our solar system in ways that are too complex and mind blowing for most to understand. We cannot control it! It just happens! Second of all, why are we worrying soooo much about this topic? Why cant we leave opinions opinions and let them believe what they want? If it were MY choice to make my class would be writing about how our wildlife is rapidly decreasing and how deforestation and burning fossil fuels is causing global warming! Our world is turning into a waste land! Next time you go on a drive look out the window... I guarantee that every few feet there is some type of trash laying on the ground. Stop being lazy! Give our natural world a chance to thrive! Use the three R's! We have trash cans for a reason people!!!!!!! Let the people do there jobs and dispose of the trash properly! And another thing, if we don't start considering making an alternative to fossil fuels then in just a couple of years you are going to step outside and find yourself choking on pollution like the Chinese people! I WANT PLANTS GOSH DANG IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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