Was Matt Kemp right to rip into the home plate umpire for the Dodgers' loss?

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  • No, that is a sore loser attitude.

    No, Matt Kemp was wrong to display his childlike tantrum over the home plate umpire's calls. If his team was better, those calls would not have mattered. While it is true that the umpire made bad decisions all night, that's part of the game and both teams suffered. His comments were the equivalent of blaming the wind that was blowing into the stadium for a loss, even though both teams would have had to cope.

  • There really is no excuse.

    In sports, bad calls are going to be made and great calls are going to be made. But one thing that has never changed is when that call is made, the decision if final. So the reaction from the Dodgers to the Umpire was childish and unprofessional for nthing that was done ppreviously was going to change.

  • No, he shouldn't have been so argumental.

    The umpire was having an average night compared to other umpires in calling strikes, according to MLB PITCHF/x data. If Matt Kemp felt that the strike zone was being too lax, he should have taken that into account and been more agressive with his hitting rather than depending on the umpire to call balls.

  • was not right

    he was not right to rip the umpire ass because it shouldn't of happend in front of a croud I feel that stuff is personal and it should of been handled in a humanly manner but that is just my opinion things that are personal should be kept private if every one was like this the world would be easy

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